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Are You Diagnosed with Stiff Person Syndrome?

Stiff Person Syndrome

Celine Dion, a singer/performer who has been vaccinated against the Wuhan virus, is one of the individuals who has been diagnosed with the condition called “Stiff Person Syndrome”.

It just so happens that “Stiff Person Syndrome,” or SPS, is one of the stated adverse effects of Pfizer’s messenger RNA (mRNA) shot for the Fauci Influenza, which might have been the brand that Dion took. The syndrome is abbreviated as SPS.

It has been reported that Dion has abnormal stiffness throughout her body. She also suffers from apparently random muscular spasms, in addition to those that manifest themselves in reaction to certain stimuli.

According to the information that has been provided to us, Pfizer was fully aware of the connection between their covid jabs & SPS in early 2021, right around the time that the Trump government was releasing them as part of Operation Warp Speed.

A few months later, in April, the FDA of the United States of America became publicly aware of the relationship. However, the government never disclosed this information to the general public since this would have led to “vaccine reluctance.”

Pfizer’s post-marketing papers demonstrate that (SPS) may, in fact, manifest itself after a person has had injections to “protect” them against the Chinese flu. In addition, there is a fair possibility that Dion received the Pfizer set of injections given that these appear to be the ones that the majority of individuals took.

According to the findings of VAERS, if you have SPS, there is a 99.6 percent likelihood that you got it by being bitten by a jab of some sort.

Cases of SPS were very uncommon prior to the implementation of Operation Warp Speed.

Examining the data on the sickness that is kept in (VAERS), which is managed by the government.

Once injections became common the rise in the incidence of SPS could be seen. According to the information that is currently available, there is a probability of 99.6 percent that a person who has SPS got it as a direct consequence of having been injected at some point.

Pfizer’s shots very certainly proved to be the last straw for Dion, who struggled with poor health to begin with, and was already on the verge of collapse when they were administered.

According to VAERS, the HPV vaccination is the only other injection that might have been responsible for causing it.

According to an article that Steve Kirsch published in his newsletter, “The data for SPSfor the past 30 years implicate the COVID & HPV vaccinations.” “So for a safe vaccination such as the flu shot (which I’m not admitting is safe, but simply for the purpose of argument), we’d receive one report every thirty years (.03 per year). We obtain 17 reports for COVID after 2 years (an average of 8.5 each year). Therefore, the relative rate rise is 8.5 multiplied by.03, which equals 283.

According to the calculations, the likelihood that Celine Dion contracted SPS as a result of receiving the vaccination is 99.6%. In a nutshell, it is almost unavoidable that Celine Dion has suffered from the adverse effects of vaccination.

It has been discovered that a person may get SPS on the exact same day that they are injected. It would be fascinating to find out when Dion’s SPS symptoms first appeared and whether or not it happened when she received the 1st or 2nd (or perhaps 3rd and 4th?). It would also be nice to know whether or not they occurred on the day that she had them…

This would strongly imply the SPS is, as fact – and unquestionably so – a direct detrimental consequence that may be attributed to the injection of covid. It would seem that Dion is a live example of it, which acts as a caution to the general population not to believe these shots, regardless of what the media and the government have to say about them.

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