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Newly Released Capitol Surveillance Video Challenges Insurrection Claims

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Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the events that took place on January 6th at the US Capitol Building. Many news outlets have been covering the story, but we believe that our coverage stands out from the rest. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive overview of the events that took place on January 6th, including new information that has recently come to light.

A recently released surveillance video of the January 6th Capitol disturbance shows the police acting as tour guides to the infamous “QAnon Shaman,” according to Tucker Carlson. This video footage, which was obtained by Fox News from Republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy, was previously kept under lock and key by Democrats during their previous majority, and only selective clips were released to the public.

Contrary to claims of an insurrection, Carlson suggests that the footage shows a majority of peaceful protesters, with only a small percentage of “hooligans” committing acts of vandalism. The footage depicts protesters queuing up in neat lines, giving each other tours outside the Speaker’s office, taking selfies, and smiling. They appeared to revere the Capitol and were there to express their belief that the election was stolen from them.

Jacob Chansley, the “QAnon Shaman,” was also among the protesters. Despite being portrayed by the media as a dangerous conspiracy theorist who led the insurrection, Carlson identified him as a Navy veteran from Arizona. The footage shows that the Capitol Police never stopped Chansley and even acted as his tour guide, taking him to multiple entrances and even attempting to open a locked door for him. The videos also reveal that Chansley perceived the police as allies and even prayed for them in the Senate Chamber.

Despite his peaceful demeanor, Chansley was sentenced to nearly four years in prison, which Carlson argues is more than what many violent criminals receive. The question remains: if Chansley was committing such a grave crime, why didn’t the officers standing right next to him place him under arrest? Carlson argues that the video footage challenges the claims of an insurrection and suggests that the Democrats and media controlled the narrative by selectively releasing clips of the event.

In conclusion, the newly released surveillance video challenges the claims of an insurrection and raises questions about the treatment of peaceful protesters and the portrayal of the events by the media and the Democratic Party.

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