My poem about “HOPE”

My simple, yet powerful poem about “HOPE” that we can all relate to.

Hope is a light that shines so bright

It guides us through the darkest night

When everything seems lost and bleak

Hope is the thing that makes us seek

A way out of the shadows and into the sun

Hope is the thing that makes our journey fun

Hope is the thing that keeps us strong

It helps us overcome and right the wrong

It gives us the courage to face the day

Hope is the thing that helps us find our way

So when you feel like you can’t go on

Just remember, hope is never gone

It’s always there to lift your spirit high

And help you reach the endless sky

So hold onto hope and let it guide your way

Through all the challenges that come your way

Hope is the thing that keeps us going

It’s the fire that keeps our hearts glowing.

By Chris Wick

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