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According to Desmet, this kind of governmental control is “a frantic effort to eradicate ambiguity from human existence and to force one state surety, one common reality to each and every individual’s life.”

In addition, the media on a mass scale contribute significantly to the consolidation of this mass formation and, as a result, state control.

“This mass construction often begins with a story that is being disseminated via various forms of mass media. This narrative identifies an object of concern while also giving a way to cope with the anxiety’s source. What ends up happening is that all of this worry that has been floating about in the public for some time suddenly links to this target of fear.

People are prepared to comply with the stupid and ineffective policy that has been presented by the government, via the controlled media.

According to Desmet, the ideal setting for the establishment of mass movements is created when the wider populace is unsure about the causes of its fear, frustration, and violent feelings.

Desmet believes that people don’t really connect with one another but rather with the “common ideal.” “All of the psychic energy, all of the love, if you will, between people is removed from their respective individual social relationships and pumped into their respective collective social bonds,”

At the final stage of systematic formation, people find themselves in a paranoid state in which they “snitch” on their neighbors and coworkers for not adhering to the rules and ignorantly go along with irrational views, such as the COVID detentions, he said. In this state, people are more likely to accuse others of breaking the rules.

People conform their behavior to these regulations since they are promoted in the mainstream media. “because it provides them with the sensation of control, they get the sensation that they now know they were antsy for, and they are able to control their fear by partaking in the strategic plan to cope with the object of their anxiety, it gives them the feeling that now they know what they had been anxious for, and that it gives them the feeling that they may control their anxiety.” For example, a lockdown was implemented so that we could deal with the infection,” stated Desmet.

According to Desmet, “in a mass forming, people seem to decide to confront uncertainty by just embracing everything that the group believes in, people believe altogether,” along with the same dogmatic ideas and identical narratives that shouldn’t be questioned anymore. “In a mass formation, folks seem to decide to cope with uncertainty by just acknowledging all that the group believes, they truly think altogether.”

Desmet believes that the prolonged state of hypnosis is caused by the combination of people’s increased reliance on technology and their increased likelihood of experiencing social isolation.

“With the advent of mainstream media, that mass creation can continue for a long time because people can be continual, time and time again, be reinfused by the exact same propaganda, the same narratives,” said Desmet. “[T]his mass formation can endure for a long time because people can indeed be constantly, over and over again, be reinfused by this same propaganda.”

According to him, dissent is not acceptable under any kind of authoritarian authority, even technocracy.

According to Desmet, “It is as if all of the ambiguity vanishes behind a communal storyline, that should not be challenged anymore, so this leads to this renowned intolerance for the voices of dissidents.” “To what extent this authoritarianism will succeed in destroying all of us who don’t want to be a part of it, that will depend on what those individuals do who are not in the grip” of this mass formation, says the author. “This totalitarianism will succeed in annihilating everyone who doesn’t want to go along with it.”

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