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Mask-Wearing German Judge Acquits CJ Hopkins in Controversial ‘Nazi-Promoting Tweets’ Case

In a pivotal moment, American autor and satirist CJ Hopkins, charged and previously found guilty for dissenting against the state’s growing authoritarianism through tweets featuring a swastika-covered mask, finally had his day in a German court. Despite six months of legal battles, a mask-wearing judge acquitted Hopkins, claiming the dismissal countered his assertions of living in a totalitarian state.

The Courtroom Drama Unfolds
The legal saga, closely followed by many, saw Hopkins challenging what he deemed “Thought-Crimes As The Road To Totalitarianism” and exposing the “Continued Criminalization of Dissent.” The judge’s decision to acquit Hopkins of disseminating Nazi symbols raised questions about the intersection of free speech and state authority.

Hopkins’ Struggle Against Woke Authoritarianism
Hopkins, an expatriate in Germany, emphasized his fight against the global crackdown on dissent. In his own words, “I will certainly be doing that vigorously here in Germany.” He warned against misconceptions about Germany and Europe, urging fellow Americans not to feel immune due to the First Amendment.

Judge’s Verdict and Unusual Circumstances
Despite the acquittal, Hopkins noted the prosecutor’s potential appeal within a week. The judge, adorned in a mask, expressed concern about Hopkins’ statements implying a totalitarian state, sensing a certain arrogance. She acknowledged her familial connection to Nazi victims but defended the acquittal, stating Hopkins’ statements were “ideological drivel” but not punishable by law.

Hopkins’ Closing Statement
Hopkins delivered a powerful closing statement, highlighting his opposition to fascism and totalitarianism over his three-decade-long career. He challenged the charges of disseminating pro-Nazi propaganda, asserting his right to criticize government actions, expose lies, and refuse unquestioning obedience.

Larger Implications and Societal Crossroads
The case, seen as an attempt to punish dissent and intimidate dissidents, raises broader questions about the direction of democratic societies. Hopkins urged a choice between the road to the rule of law and democratic principles or the path to authoritarianism, where authorities dictate reality and silence dissent.

Courtroom Response and Clashing Opinions
After Hopkins’ statement, the courtroom erupted in applause, earning a displeased warning from the judge. The judge left the courtroom wearing an FFP2 mask, symbolizing the complexities and controversies surrounding the case.

As Hopkins awaits the potential appeal, the case underscores the challenges faced by individuals expressing dissenting views, highlighting the delicate balance between free speech and state control.

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