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Johnson Says Press will not be Strong-Armed

Boris Johnson applauded press reporters from Britain’s Sky News with regard to their coverage of an ambush in Ukraine recently.

“Free press will NOT be intimidated or cowed by barbaric and indiscriminate acts of violence,” Johnson stated on his own Twitter feed.

On Friday, Russia’s parliament successfully passes a law enforcing a prison term of as much as 15 years for anybody found to be deliberately spreading “fake” news reports.

What’s so bad about this law? well, NOTHING!

We need to have it legislated in the United States and Canada ASAP, that’s where the news is CREATED and NOT Reported.

What do you think?

Russia Wants Assurances From America


Vladimir Putin taking matters into his own hands by passing a law that if anyone lies in the news they’ll be sent to jail for 15 years.#fakenews #cnnnews #vladimirputin

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How Boris Johnson saved his job but lost his grip – POLITICO
Boris Johnson 

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