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British MP Calls for Bill Gates to Face Justice Over Pandemic Handling

In a bold move that has ignited a firestorm of controversy, British Member of Parliament Andrew Bridgen has demanded that Bill Gates and what he terms the “Covid cabal” face the full force of justice, including the possibility of the death penalty, for their alleged actions during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Reconsideration of Capital Punishment

During a recent session in Westminster, Bridgen, known for his outspoken views, stunned his colleagues by advocating for the most severe punishment in response to what he perceives as “crimes against humanity” committed by the elite during the pandemic.

Calls for Accountability

Bridgen minced no words as he urged for a parliamentary debate on the grave issue of crimes against humanity, emphasizing the need for accountability and punishment for those involved in perpetuating, colluding, or covering up these alleged atrocities.

Challenging the Establishment

The MP’s impassioned plea did not go unchallenged, with his colleague Penny Mordaunt offering a rebuttal. Undeterred, Bridgen doubled down, accusing heads of governments worldwide of treasonous behavior against their citizens.

Pursuing Evidence

Taking his crusade further, Bridgen has reached out to the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Mark Rowley, to convene a comprehensive meeting. During this gathering, experts and whistleblowers will present evidence supporting claims of criminal activity by high-ranking government officials and civil servants.

Allegations of a Sinister Agenda

Adding fuel to the fire, Bridgen disclosed an unsettling encounter with a senior cabinet minister, who purportedly revealed a chilling plan to utilize what he referred to as “turbo cancer” to reduce global population levels.

Resistance Against Authoritarianism

Known for his staunch opposition to globalist agendas, Bridgen has emerged as a leading voice against measures such as Covid vaccine mandates, lockdowns, and mask requirements.

Warnings of a Looming Crisis

Bridgen’s warnings about the potential dangers of mRNA vaccines have gained traction, particularly as insiders from pharmaceutical giant Pfizer begin to speak out. Concerns about “turbo cancer” have been raised, with suggestions that those vaccinated with mRNA technology may face dire health consequences in the near future.


In a landscape fraught with uncertainty and suspicion, Bridgen’s impassioned plea for accountability strikes a chord with many who question the actions of powerful entities during the pandemic. As debates rage on, the pursuit of truth and justice remains paramount in the quest to navigate these challenging times.

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