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It’s Possible That the Judge in the Trump Case Is Biased Since He Donated to Democrats

A recent investigation indicates that the federal judge who is presiding over the lawsuit brought against former President Donald Trump by Alvin Bragg, a prosecutor who is supported by George Soros, has given to the Democratic Party.

Bragg is the prosecutor who initiated the case against Trump. During the campaign for the presidential election in 2020, Judge Juan Manuel Merchan made three separate contributions to ActBlue, a significant fundraising site for the Democratic Party. He specified that each of these donations goes toward either “Stop the Republicans” or “Biden for President.”

This discovery calls into question Merchan’s political predisposition towards Trump and may call for an investigation into possible ethical violations on his part. The donations made by Merchan are in clear contravention of New York’s Code of Judicial Conduct, which forbids sitting judges from engaging in political activities. Merchan is a judge in the state of New York. The Standard Code of Judicial Conduct published by the American Bar Association includes a provision that judges should refrain from making political donations unless specifically allowed to do so by law.

Even an ethics lawyer on MSNBC has voiced concerns about the “optics” of Merchan’s donations, stating that it is “troubling” for a judge to make a political contribution and then preside over a case involving a party that was either the beneficiary or not the beneficiary of that contribution. This concern was voiced in reference to the fact that Merchan’s donations have been criticized for giving the appearance of favoritism toward a particular party. Although the amount of money given was inconsequential, the fact that the judge has a history of displaying political prejudice is something that should be of concern to everyone.

This scenario is made much worse by the fact that Bragg, the prosecutor who is working on the case against Trump, is an outspoken opponent of Trump and has received support from Soros. Concerns regarding the impartiality of the case against Trump have been raised as a result of the combination of Bragg’s apparent prejudice and Merchan’s contributions to the Democratic Party.

The political repercussions of this case have already been enormous. For example, recent surveys suggest that Trump’s support rating has been on the rise since he was indicted, and his campaign has received donations totaling $8 million in only a few days. This lawsuit has the potential to boomerang on the Democrats, which would be beneficial to Trump’s prospects of winning the presidential election in 2024.

In conclusion, the fact that Judge Juan Manuel Merchan, who is presiding over the case involving Donald Trump, contributed money to the Democratic Party during the election season of 2020 raises concerns about the potential for political bias on the part of the judge and may call for an investigation into his ethical standards.

The fact that the prosecutor in this case, Alvin Bragg, is openly biased against President Trump and receives support from George Soros adds to the questions that have been raised regarding the impartiality of the trial. In the end, this issue may have substantial political repercussions and might have an effect on the outcome of the presidential election in 2024.

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