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Infiltration of the Department of Justice (DOJ)

epartment of Justice

Guo has claimed, in a number of films that have been uploaded to GETTR, that Despins has a strong link to and works in conjunction with the (PAG) in communist China.

According to a report in Aussie Brief News, “The nomination” indicates both the penetration of the United States judicial system by unfettered warfare techniques and also has an evident conflict of interest. Paul Hastings LLP, a legal company, has created commercial links with PAG in a $671 million offer for Spring REIT… and many other enterprises associated with the (CCP). Luc A. Despins is a partner at Paul Hastings LLP, which has developed these business relations.

As reported by the Aussie Brief News, Guo has also “questioned the nomination of Luc A. Despins,” in which he reportedly inquired as to the reason why the United States Department of Justice would permit such an appointment. He described the nomination as incredible and asserted that the CCP had significant sway over the Department of Justice in the United States.

According to the findings of the investigation, “the infiltration of the United States court system has accumulated over the years,” just as the Chinese Communist Party’s judicial unlimited warfare plan envisioned.

Dordick requested that the attorney grievance committee office to which he submitted his grievance investigate Paul Hastings LLP, Despins, as well as other Paul Hastings LLP attorneys for prospective ethics violations of rules related to dishonesty, deceit, and false representation, conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice, conduct that detrimentally reflects on a lawyer’s fitness as a lawyer, and the failure to adequately supervise lawyers at the firm. In addition, Dordick requested that the office investigate the failure

“How could Paul Hastings LLP possibly claim that it adequately monitors its attorneys if such professionals lend legitimacy to promoters of hatred in federal court?”

“How could Paul Hastings LLP possibly argue that it properly oversees its attorneys?” In a post he made on GETTR, Dordick wrote.

Messages of support and solidarity with the Jewish community were inundated in the comment sections of Dordick’s social media posts. Supporters of the New Federal State of China (NFSC), a movement that seeks to overthrow the CCP and liberate the Chinese people, flooded the comment sections of Dordick’s social media posts. The responses to his articles suggest that supporters of the National Family Secular Coalition have a strong aversion to any kind of advocacy of antisemitic sources in federal court by anybody, let alone attorneys at powerful or renowned legal firms.

In addition, several prominent members of the Jewish community, such as Ellie Cohanim, formerly of the United States Department of State’s Deputy Special Envoy to Combat Antisemitism, Josh Hammer, formerly of Newsweek’s Opinion Editor, and Dov Hikind, formerly of the New York State Representative, have shared several of Dordick’s social media posts.

The conflict between Guo & Paul Hastings LLP is but one skirmish in a larger conflict that is being fought for people’s hearts and minds and, eventually, global dominion. To guarantee that the United States does not end up on the losing side of this battle, the government should devote a considerable amount of resources and conduct extensive investigations.

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