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A Psychologist’s License Was Revoked Because of Their Public Opposition to The Great Reset and WEF

For making comments on social media regarding The Great Reset and the World Economic Forum, the Belgian psychologist Steve Van Herreweghe has been given a two-year suspension from practicing his profession (WEF).

The judgment was handed out by the disciplinary board of the Psychologists’ Commission; Van Herreweghe intends to file an appeal against it.

Van Herreweghe has taken to various social media platforms in order to express his disagreement with the suspension. He has stated that the dispute is not about his title, but rather the perceived injustice of the decision and the rejection of his right to free speech. Van Herreweghe has stated that the issue is not about his title. He is of the belief that people should not have to be afraid of political or commercial meddling in order to voice their ideas on issues that are relevant to the health and well-being of the general population.

The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) plan for a worldwide program known as “The Great Reset” is a devious scheme to bring up a new world order based on global control. It has been publicly stated by Klaus Schwab, the creator of the WEF and the executive chairman of the organization’s current board of directors, that catastrophes, such as the Covid epidemic, provide “unique possibilities” for the formation of a new global order. As a result of this, many people have come to the conclusion that the purpose of the Great Reset is to advance a technocratic vision of the future at the expense of national sovereignty and individual liberties.

Van Herreweghe used social media to express his worries about The Great Reset and the World Economic Forum (WEF), both of which, in his view, are subsets of a wider movement toward the establishment of a “New World Order.” Van Herreweghe used the platform he had been given to do so. In his tweets, he has specifically called out the virologists Steven Van Gucht and Marc Van Ranst, describing them as “ordinary, well-paid, egotistical captives commissioned by WEF puppet states.”

Van Gucht is a distinguished Belgian virologist who has played an important role in the country’s contentious reaction to the COVID outbreak, and Van Ranst is an eminent epidemiologist who has been very vocal about the pandemic and the effects it has had on society. He has been a major champion for lockdowns and other methods to control the populace, which has garnered him huge condemnation for damaging the economy and residents’ liberties. He has also been criticized for his advocacy of these tactics.

Van Herreweghe has also made remarks on other themes, relating the “Great Reset” to the energy problem, the financial-economic crisis, the fight against Putin, the climate catastrophe, and the propaganda around gender identity. He uses the transgender movement as an illustration of how disconnected mankind has become from its more fundamental essence. He cautions that the tendency of making sexuality seem less significant is a hazardous development that might lead to the normalization of pedophilia.

Healthcare Professionals Who May Have Had Opposing Opinions Were the Focus of This Campaign

Van Herreweghe is not the first healthcare expert who has been persecuted by his individual medical boards for voicing opinions that were contrary to the narrative that is generally accepted in the field. Mary O’Conner and Jordan Peterson, both medical practitioners in Canada, were both put in a position in which they needed to battle to maintain their licenses.

The predicament that Dr. Mary O’Conner found herself in started when Covid struck and a stream of requests came in for exemptions from masks, PCR testing, and experimental gene treatments. Dr. O’Conner began writing exemptions for patients, but her actions were eventually brought to the attention of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO), which demanded that she turn over the names of all of the patients for whom she had written exemptions along with their medical records.

As a result of her refusal, the CPSO dispatched a group of investigators to her office in order to collect her patient charts; however, the investigators were unable to locate anything since Dr. O’Conner had already removed everything from her office. Dr. O’Conner continued to write exceptions despite receiving an order from the college to stop doing so. As a result, on December 23, 2021, her license was suspended as a result of her actions.

Jordan Peterson, who is a clinical psychologist and professor of psychology in Canada, has also been subjected to examination from his professional body, which is known as the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA). The CPA voiced their disagreement with Peterson’s public views on a variety of issues, including gender identification and political correctness.

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