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Italy Orders Business Never To Pay Unvaccinated Employees

Unvaccinated Employees will lose their Pay

The Italian federal government has actually successfully passed a mandate ordering businesses private and Public to hold back salaries from employees that reject the COVID-19 vaccination.

The decree required that every worker receive the vaccination ‘green pass’, which resulted in concerns regarding what might happen to the countless Italians that continue to be unvaccinated and are saying NO to this untested, experimental shot.

The state & federal government is trying to stay away from possible lawsuits by advising these companies NOT to fire the unvaccinated, but merely do not pay them and tell workers not to show up at work or they will be penalized or fined if they do. Is this getting crazier to you?

” As an alternative, these people must be considered as being on an unwarranted absence or leave of absence and even have their paychecks or earnings held back,” said a spokesman.

” People identified as working without having a vaccination passport might and will be reprimanded by using fines of as much as 500 euros.

Furthermore, the government and businesses confirmed that they will “NOT pay for testing costs for those that might choose not to take the injection.”

Even people that had the virus then recovered and even have anti-bodies are going to need at least 1 jab as a performative display of conformity. WHAT?

This just keeps getting better and better…

Italy stretched this vaccination passport program to include academic institutions like high schools and colleges during September 1st.

Educators/teachers were actually advised they faced being fired if they failed to get this shot, and students were required to get it if they EVER wanted to go to a classroom again.

Can you believe this – The unvaccinated are likewise prohibited from using public transportation, making going on holiday breaks or shopping or traveling for work or going to see family members has ended up being inconceivable for quite a few.

Places, for example, galleries, arenas, theaters fitness centers, and even indoor seating areas in pubs and dining establishments all call for vaccination I. d. and companies could be slapped with 1000s of euros for not implementing the regulations. Yep, the government comes out smelling like a rose, and business owners are left holding the bag and do the dirty work… Quits ingenious if you ask me…

The ‘green pass’ also keeps track of an individual’s specific location, once more highlighting how it’s an electronic digital IDENTIFICATION card on steroids. Yes, people, it’s ALL about TRACKING you… CONTROL…

Take that to the bank, it will be a reality if we let these tyrants have their way…

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