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The United States is taking measures to prepare for an expected assault from Iran.

There is heightened concern in the US government that Iran may be planning to launch an attack against American or Israeli targets in the Middle East, in response to a recent Israeli airstrike in Syria, according to various reports.

Since Friday several news outlets have reported that Tehran has vowed to avenge the killing of seven officers– including two top commanders from the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Iran’s consulate in Damascus was bombed last Monday, resulting

RT reports: A senior official told CNN that the US government believes retaliation by Iran is inevitable, and added that the Israelis share this assessment. Officials warned that an attack could come as soon as next week.

According to officials who spoke to NBC News and CBS News, American intelligence suggests that Iran could use “a swarm” of Shahed kamikaze drones and cruise missiles, and that Tehran could target an Israeli diplomatic or consular facility.

President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussed a potential attack during their phone conversation on Thursday, according to CNN.

Since late January, when a suicide drone strike killed three soldiers stationed at a remote outpost near the Jordanian-Syrian border, there have been no significant attacks on US personnel in the region. However, US troops intercepted and shot down two drones near the al-Tanf base in southern Syria this week, according to CNN, which cited US defense officials.

Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has promised that Israel will “receive a slap in the face.” Officials in Tehran also made threats against the US, although Washington claimed it was unaware that the strike on Iran’s mission in Damascus would happen.

Israel has accused Iran of aiding Hamas, Hezbollah, and other pro-Palestine militant groups and has vowed to neutralize any security threats during its war against Hamas in Gaza. Although Israel did not claim responsibility for the death of the Iranian generals directly, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant warned that “everyone who acts against us all over the Middle East” will pay “a heavy price.”

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