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Israel continues to mercilessly pound the Gaza Strip

As Israel continues to mercilessly pound the Gaza Strip amidst the current escalation of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute which was triggered by the October 7 attacks by Hamas militants, it runs the risk of provoking other celebrations into entering the fray.
The continuous Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) project in the Gaza Strip, which has actually currently alienated Tel Aviv from much of the Arab World, has actually created a serious risk of the Lebanese Hezbollah movement ending up being actively associated with the dispute.
IDF forces stationed at the Israeli-Lebanese borders have actually already been exchanging fire with Hezbollah militants on more than a single occasion in current days, although it stays to be seen whether these hostilities will escalate.
Discussing this scenario, previous US Marine Corps intelligence officer Scott Ritter revealed his skepticism about Israel’s capability to deal with both Hamas and Hezbollah.
He explained that the significant military workouts conducted in Israel in the last 2 years were meant to figure out how the Israeli Defense Force would fare if they had to tackle concurrently attacks from numerous stars– “if Hezbollah came by the border, if Syria went after the Golan Heights, if Iran began shooting rockets”– however they yielded rather unpleasant results.
“And under that scenario, Israel was unable to prevail, particularly with the Iranian aspect of the scenario, without significant United States military intervention,” Ritter stated.
He even more observed that the Israelis themselves have apparently acknowledged that they do not know the full extent of Hezbollah’s capabilities and that Hezbollah’s significant toolbox of rockets may pose a major threat to Israel.
“Hezbollah can overwhelm the Iron Dome just with its volume alone, the Iron Dome is currently going through an ammo crunch because of what Hamas has done,” Ritter remarked.

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