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Is there a market for the blood of children?

Is there a market for the blood of children who have been abused or murdered in Hollywood?

Mel Gibson, who is best known for his roles in the films Brave Heart and Lethal Weapon, has said that Hollywood is nothing more than “institutionalized pedophilia,” and that its elites are responsible for violating “every God-given taboo known to man,” including the sacredness of children. It would seem that it is common knowledge in the entertainment industry that the ultra-wealthy elites in Hollywood participate in religious rituals in which they bring youngsters to the brink of death with their terrifying antics and then consume the adrenochrome-laced blood of these victims. Adrenochrome is just a chemical substance that is created through the oxidation of the hormone adrenaline, which is known as the stress hormone. Adrenochrome may be obtained by tormenting children to the extent that they feel they are on the verge of passing away.

Now, the actor Jim Caviezel, who played Jesus Christ in the film “Passion of the Christ,” which was directed by Mel Gibson, is speaking out against the practice of Hollywood elites kidnapping children and selling them into adrenochrome rituals. When it comes to the most important cases, where is the FBI? Nowhere, other than in the practice of punishing innocent Americans for events that were contrived, such as the sixth of January in the year 2020.

When will an investigation into allegations of abduction, child exploitation, child abuse, and potentially even mass murder be conducted into the Nest of Hollywood Parasites?

Are the elites of Hollywood so wealthy that they can do anything they want, even if it means perpetrating horrendous crimes against infants and babies?

They are genuinely pointing this out, they could serve as witnesses in a trial if some law enforcement agency would stand up to the legal and moral ‘plate’ and do their duty.

Two prominent actors and insiders in the Hollywood film industry are actually calling this out.

Last week, Jim Caviezel went to the Health – Freedom Conference in Oklahoma, where he made the statement that Hollywood elite freaks or perverts are “raping and murdering” children in order to get their hands on adrenochrome. Caviezel is also the star of the popular television series “Person of Interest.”

The procedure for obtaining adrenochrome for the purpose of drug abuse is portrayed as a plot in a number of movies and television series produced in Hollywood. In these stories, Satanist cults kidnap children, rape them, and then kill the children before draining their blood and consuming it as an “elixir of youth.” As famous Hollywood actors are “coming out” & blowing the whistle on it, it would indicate that this is not simply a made-for-movie plot, but rather something that is occurring in real life.

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