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Is the US Government Building a National Police Force?

Thomas Jefferson, in 1789, warned that a standing army is a dangerous instrument that threatens the rights of a nation and puts them at the mercy of their governors.

However, in recent decades, non-military government agencies have become armed with weapons, such as night-vision equipment, drones, assault rifles, and LP gas cannons. Agencies including the IRS, U.S. Mint, Small Business Administration, Social Security Administration, and even public universities have been armed with hollow-point bullets, and some agencies have become military outposts.

The federal government has become a never-ending gun show while police forces and the IRS are expected to grow by hundreds of thousands. The Veterans Administration, Department of Health and Human Services, and Social Security Administration have acquired millions of rounds of ammunition, along with guns and armor.

This standing army is growing in number, resembling a national police force, and can disregard constitutional freedoms and rule by force, which is a danger that cannot be ignored.

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