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Is the Meat-Free ‘WEF Diet’ a Threat to Human Health?

Experts have warned that the meatless ‘WEF diet’ will lead to the extinction of the human race and turn those who survive into frail, disease-ridden husks.

In a special edition of Animal Frontiers, dozens of researchers were tasked with investigating the evidence supporting assertions that meat consumption is damaging to human health and the environment.

Poorer groups with little meat intake typically suffer from stunting, wasting, and anemia driven by a lack of critical minerals and protein, they argue, thus they have advised against the push by globalist elites towards plant-based diets.

The Dublin Declaration, signed by thousands of experts from around the world, declares that cattle farming is too crucial to society to “become the victim of zealotry.” This is according to They argue that many of the arguments against including meat in our diet are unfounded.

The Dublin Declaration has issued a statement inviting global signatories to join them in opposing institutionalized bias against animals in agriculture and in defense of meat-supported diets. The researchers highlight the fact that meat is a significant source of vitamin B12, retinol, omega-3 fatty acids, minerals like iron and zinc, and essential chemicals for metabolism like taurine and creatine. There is no vegan substitute that provides these nutrients, thus people who follow a vegan diet typically need to take a variety of supplements to be healthy.

According to experts, only the wealthy have the ability to eliminate meat from their diets in favor of a plant-based one. In other words, the vast majority of people on Earth would find it impossible to adhere to a vegan diet and lifestyle. Seventy percent of Indians consume meat, despite the country’s reputation as an example of a developing country with a religious aversion to the slaughter of animals.

Previous studies warning against the “dangers” of meat are also being debunked, such as the Global Burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factor Study published in The Lancet in 2020. One of the authors of a study of anti-meat arguments, Dr. Alice Stanton of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, says:

“The published peer-reviewed research confirms that [the 2019 Global Burden of Disease Risk Factors Report] is gravely scientifically defective in its claim that consuming even little amounts of red meat is harmful to health…In reality, people’s health would suffer if fresh meat and dairy were eliminated from their diets. Particularly vulnerable groups include women, children, the elderly, and the economically disadvantaged.

It is believed that astroturfing is the origin of the anti-meat campaign. Globalist organizations like the United Nations and the World Economic Forum are major funders of pro-vegan studies because they have made it plain that they want the meat to become a “rare treat” rather than a dietary mainstay.

Among the many methods that could be used, taxing farmers and agricultural products for their emissions would artificially drive up prices. The United Nations wants to discourage people from eating meat by increasing its price. They have also suggested using this strategy to dissuade people from using “fossil fuels.” If you’re on a tight budget but still want to get enough protein in your diet, globalists recommend either switching to a synthetic meat diet (currently more costly than real meat) or adopting a third-world diet that includes eating insects.

In order to “fight climate change,” the United Nations has declared that it would require a worldwide transition to a plant-based diet by 2050. However, the UN has been caught in the past substantially inflating the contribution of livestock methane to total emissions. Even if you get into the climate catastrophe hype (despite there is little data to back it up), livestock emissions account for a tiny fraction of so-called “greenhouse gases.” If you want to help rescue the earth, turning vegan won’t help.

When the climate panic fails to work, the same groups try to scare people away from meat by citing bogus health risks. This has recently been observed in the meat scandal and in the use of natural gas in home appliances. False health danger claims are amplified by corporate media, but the debunking evidence is never discussed.

Many people may need to rely on artificial supplements if they don’t have access to meat on a regular basis. These supplements are largely manufactured in foreign nations that may suddenly become unfriendly and stop shipments. In addition, governments might use control of individuals’ access to goods as bargaining chips. The existing population could not be sustained due to the high cost of food, which would lead to either widespread starvation or intentional population control measures.

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