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Is the ADL’s ‘Nazi’ Circus More than Meets the Eye? Who’s Pulling the Strings?

In a stunning turn of events, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has come under scrutiny for its alleged involvement in orchestrating a deceptive “Nazi” protest in the state of Florida, strategically timed to coincide with the election season.

So, folks, it seems we’ve uncovered a real-life theatrical masterpiece here. The ADL’s “Nazi” circus might just be the most convincing act of the year. Who would’ve thought that amidst all the chaos, one could stumble upon such a gem of a performance? Move over, Hollywood, there’s a new show in town!

Unveiling the Deceptive Rally

During this questionable event, a group of individuals, cloaked in red attire and concealed by masks, masqueraded as “white supremacists” while marching through the streets of Florida. Shockingly, they hurled offensive racial slurs at innocent bystanders, further intensifying the controversy surrounding the rally.

Unmasking the Participant

Shortly after the peculiar protest, astute internet investigators uncovered a startling revelation: one of the so-called “Nazis” who participated in the Florida rally was, in fact, a Ukrainian soldier who had somehow made his way to American soil. Coincidentally, this individual also had ties to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), deepening the intrigue surrounding the event.

The Connection to Kent “Boneface” McLellan

According to the findings of investigative journalist Laura Loomer, Kent “Boneface” McLellan, previously arrested by the FBI for domestic terrorism in May of 2012, had a prominent role in this rally. The FBI had accused him and others of “preparing a terrorist act against national minorities in Florida.” Following his arrest, McLellan fled to Ukraine, where he became associated with Right Sector, an entity with reported connections to the CIA. In 2022, he returned to the United States, specifically Florida, where he became active in the local Nazi scene, even publicly expressing support for Joe Biden while brandishing swastika flags and targeting Loomer with derogatory slurs based on her Jewish heritage.

The Informant Speculation

Questions naturally arise about how someone with such a criminal history, including an FBI arrest for domestic terrorism and involvement in a foreign conflict as an American citizen, could evade consequences unless they had some affiliation with law enforcement agencies like the FBI or CIA.

Exposing John Minadeo and His Ties to the ADL

In a separate revelation, investigative journalist Laura Loomer uncovered John Minadeo as the leader of the Goyim Defense League (GDL). Intriguingly, Minadeo’s connections extend to yet another influential three-letter organization—the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

ADL’s Interest in Minadeo’s Activities

The ADL, a pro-Jewish organization, has dedicated a section in its “glossary of extremism” to Minadeo’s supposed “Nazi” performance, using it as a prominent example of the perceived resurgence of white supremacy. This alignment with the ADL’s agenda raises questions about the financial backing supporting Minadeo’s nationwide and international travels, which serve to reinforce the narrative that Nazis are a pervasive threat.

The Funding Mystery

One crucial inquiry emerges: Who is funding Minadeo’s questionable activities? Laura Loomer, in her investigation, expresses this concern, especially considering Minadeo’s involvement in incendiary acts, such as waving Nazi symbols at Auschwitz. The ADL’s apparent interest in Minadeo’s actions further fuels speculation about their financial support.

Allegations of Predatory Behavior

In a disturbing turn of events, Loomer also uncovered evidence suggesting that Minadeo may be involved in predatory activities. Video footage captured Minadeo using the online video chat service Omegle to recruit minors to the GDL movement. Shockingly, he attempted to convince an underage girl to get a swastika tattoo and displayed his torso to reveal one of his tattoos. Another clip showed him interacting with a boy, describing him as “so cute” and “gorgeous.” Loomer rightfully characterizes these actions as predatory behavior.

The Ongoing Deception

In a climate of political turmoil and misinformation, it’s becoming increasingly evident that certain entities may resort to extreme measures to divide, distract, and deceive the American people. As demonstrated, the utilization of “Nazis” as a tactical tool continues to be an effective strategy in achieving these dubious objectives.

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