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Unraveling the Shocking Truth: Evidence Reveals Sinister Intent Behind COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines

The COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines Unveiled: A Disturbing Revelation

Attorney Thomas Renz has recently made a shocking disclosure, providing convincing proof that the mRNA technology employed in COVID-19 vaccinations might have been deliberately designed for a malicious purpose, endangering the well-being of people worldwide in the long run. Renz, a well-known lawyer in the United States, thoroughly examined official FDA records, revealing what he asserts to be premeditated mass killings of an unprecedented magnitude.

Exploring the Gene Therapy Deception

Renz starts by debunking the idea that COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are conventional vaccines, underlining that they are actually gene therapy products. This significant difference paves the way for the alarming discoveries that come next.

Unveiling the Dangers of Vaccine Shedding

Delving into FDA guidance from as far back as 2006, Renz highlights a disconcerting awareness within US authorities that vaccinated individuals could transmit the virus to others through a process known as vaccine shedding. This revelation raises ethical concerns, especially for those who did not consent to vaccination.

Connecting the Dots: Cancer Risk and GEne Therapy

Renz proceeds to weave a narrative of foreknowledge, dating back to 2006, regarding the potential cancer-inducing effects of gene therapy. Citing a 2023 study on “long COVID” victims, he underscores the alarming possibility of a surge in cancer cases linked to COVID vaccinations.

The Troubling Solution: A Cycle of Gene Therapy

Drawing attention to a scientific paper, Renz reveals that the proposed solution to the cancer risks associated with COVID injections is yet another gene therapy product. Shockingly, recipients of this remedy could inadvertently transmit the illness, creating a bleak outlook for humanity.

Conspiracy Unveiled: A Web of Deception

According to Renz, the situation can be understood as a plot, in which prominent pharmaceutical companies and governments were fully informed about the cancer hazards linked to gene therapy. However, despite being aware of these dangers, they promoted these products as vaccines, thus continuing a cycle of health risks.

Defying Fact Checkers: The DNA Integration Debate

Despite solid evidence, Renz challenges fact-checkers who deny the mRNA vaccines’ ability to alter DNA. He points to a 2023 study that reportedly found the integration of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine into the DNA of individuals, debunking claims to the contrary.

The Grim Reality: Informed Consent Mocked

Renz emphasizes the seriousness of the matter by claiming that a gene therapy item was falsely advertised as a vaccine. He accuses the use of force, bribery, and dishonesty to maximize the spread of the vaccine, despite being aware of the risk of cancer, even long after being injected.

The Never-ending Cycle: Gene Therapy as a “Solution”

Renz emphasizes the ongoing process of gene therapy for cancer, as discussed in a 2015 study published in Nature Cancer Gene Therapy. This study brings attention to the possible transfer of viral particles and bacteria, which adds another layer of complexity to the issue of informed consent.

In conclusion, Renz paints a disturbing picture of a calculated agenda, urging readers to question the true nature of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines and advocating for transparency in the face of potential long-term consequences.

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