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Is Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine Safe for Pregnant Women?

Pfizer’s Own Data Suggests COVID Vaccines Are Unsafe for Pregnant Women Recently, Pfizer’s vaccine evaluation report submitted to the Australian regulator was released under a Freedom of Information request, and it contains vital new information that was suppressed by the regulatory agencies and Pfizer itself.

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The report focused on the issue of safety in pregnancy and its impact on women of childbearing age. Though much of the report is important, four key data points stand out, including data on the impact of fertility outcomes for rats, data on fetal abnormalities in rats, and biodistribution studies of the lipid nanoparticle carrier in rats, which indicates that the vaccine is not only found in the injection site but all organs tested with a high concentration in the ovaries, liver, adrenal glands, and spleen.


The metrics for both pre-implantation loss rate and abnormalities per fetus were significantly higher for vaccinated rats than unvaccinated rats, and there were more abnormalities in the vaccinated group in all 12 categories studied. These findings suggest that the mRNA vaccines are not safe for pregnant women.

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