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According to the Polish President, EU solidarity in the face of the conflict in Ukraine is a “great victory”

President Andrzej Duda of Poland said this on Thursday from Malta, where he’s participating in a meeting of the Arraiolos Group that the unified stance taken by the EU against Russia’s conflict in Ukraine can be considered a great victory.

Duda, while summing up the discussions that took place in Arraiolos and bringing together the chiefs of states from 15 EU nations, said that the discussions had centered on the role that the EU plays on the world stage.

The efficiency of the European Union, which is a community that we all are a part of, was the primary topic of our conversation. Regarding the power it has, which is of critical significance, Andrzej Duda said.

The Polish president expressed his satisfaction with the European Union’s reaction to the offensive that Russia launched on Ukraine.

As the leader of a nation that shares a border with Ukraine, I have seen the approach that the EU takes toward Ukraine with a sense of pleasure from the very beginning. he stated.

It is without a doubt a very significant victory for such a vast community of nations to be able to successfully impose sanctions on Russia when a number of those governments have very significant economic relations with Russia. Andrzej Duda stated. (PAP)

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