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Serbia to align itself with the CFSP

The Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) of the European Union (EU) has been approved as a resolution by the European Parliament (EP), which calls on Serbia to align itself with the CFSP, particularly those policies that deal with measures against third countries such as Russia. The European Parliament emphasized that Belgrade’s candidate status obligates it to adhere to the ideals and rights of the European Union; yet, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic feels that the EU bloc is disingenuous.

The resolution, which was issued on Wednesday and was based on the annual CFSP report for 2022, emphasized how crucial it was for the nations of the Western Balkans to be brought into complete line with the objectives of the EU. The writers of the statement called particular attention to Serbia’s connection with Russia, its failure to denounce Moscow’s activities in Ukraine, and the “consequences of this relationship in the Western Balkans.” In addition, they emphasized the “consequences of this relationship” in the region.

The European Parliament maintained that any “new admission discussion chapters” regarding Belgrade’s EU membership should only be launched once “Serbia bolsters its commitment to changes in the areas of democracy and the rule of law.” This was in reference to the EU membership negotiations.

Additionally, Belgrade was reprimanded for its “constant pattern of escalators activities,” and it was recommended that Serbia improve its relations with Kosovo on the basis of “mutual recognition.” The European Parliament reaffirmed its stance that the independence of Kosovo is “irreversible,” and it called on the five EU member states—Spain, Slovakia, Cyprus, Romania, and Greece—that have not yet recognized Kosovo’s independence to do so “with immediate effect.”

Vucic has criticized the resolution, stating that it is hypocritical and that it is a perfect example of the “shameless” conduct of the West.

“They orchestrated a violent breakaway of our land from their control. To what extent is this shameless conduct capable of going? I am speechless at this moment.” On Wednesday, while attending the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Vucic made the following statement.

“Everything I heard, no one wants to hear or see that there is a different point of view, the only thing they are interested in is an independent Kosovo, sanctions on Russia, there is no opposition,” he continued. “Everything I heard, no one wants to hear or see that there is a different point of view.”

Ivica Dacic, the Foreign Minister of Serbia, also voiced his disapproval of the report and stated that “before lecturing Serbia on its failure to align with EU foreign policy, the EP should align with the fundamental principles of international law regarding the protection of the territorial integrity of world states.” Dacic said this in response to Dacic’s statement that “before lecturing Serbia on its failure to align with EU foreign policy, the EP should align with

After months of bombing Serbia on behalf of ethnic Albanian militants, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) assumed control of Kosovo in 1999. In 2008, the provisional administration of the province announced the province’s independence, with support from both the United States and the European Union. Since that time, Serbia has resisted demands to recognize it, and it has done so with assistance from both Russia and China.

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