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Greg Abbott Unloading Buses Full of Migrants

Monday night, Kamala Harris referred to the act of Gov. Greg Abbott unloading buses full of migrants in front of her home at the Naval Observatory as “political theatre.”

Harris made an appearance on Late Night Starring Seth Meyers for a jovial interview with the presenter, who seemed more interested in making his guests feel welcome than presenting hard-hitting questioning, as is the norm of late-night tv programming. Meyers and Harris engaged in a lively conversation.

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Seth Meyers kept asking about the truckloads of migrant families that were dropped off outside of her D.C. residence, which was sent by the governor of Texas as a means to bring focus to the spike of migrants now at the southern border, after they had a brief conversation about how her world has turned, primarily in how she communicates with her relatives and the high-class real concern of the utter lack of emojis in her life as Vice President.

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Meyers said that her having to cope with the “political theatre” is “one of the drawbacks” of residing at the Naval Observatory.

“I don’t believe that you see, playing games with people’s lives is the answer to this issue. I just don’t. But judging by the all-time high number of arrests made at the borders, it is an issue,” Meyers remarked, adding, “I believe at times like this we turn to our leaders for guidance.” Which way should we go from here?”

The vice president of the United States said, “We’re talking about folks who have escaped enormous violence.” “And they are flocking here in search of sanctuary, and… talk about political drama. I refer to the practice of making a mockery of other people’s lives by playing games with their lives. You should know that there were moms exiting such buses with sleeping infants in their arms. And I simply believe that’s an awful failure of duties if you perceive a problem if you don’t do something about it.”

After that, she moved on to addressing the question that Meyers had asked regarding potential solutions to the issue.

“If we agree that we have to confront it, then if you’re a leader, engage in a solution,” she advised. “If we agree that it is necessary to address it, then participate in a solution.” “When we first took office, the very first bill that we recommended was for a path leading for citizen status, which was to repair a faulty immigration process, which was damaged under the previous administration,” the author writes. “When we first came into office, we proposed a bill to correct a faulty immigration system.”

Conservative opponents would likely be incensed if you blame the Trump admin for the issue at the border, given that the number of people crossing the border fell during the prior government. However, opponents of the harsh techniques that were utilized at the time, such as separating children from their parents, were seen by many to be unnecessarily and cruel.

At the end of her speech, Harris encouraged Republican governors to send migrants to cities as well as vacation islands in the Northeast by saying, “Participate in the solution since we are offering a solution, but rather, this gamesmanship of real individuals who trust us.” Harris was addressing the governors of states in the Northeast.

This year has seen a historic number of arrests along the southern border of the United States, which is partially attributable to the influx of migrants who are looking for a better life, shelter, or sanctuary in the U. S. Harris was given the position of Border Czar through President Joe Biden, and he has chosen to concentrate on the fundamental reasons that migrants flee the countries of Central America. However, Harris has come under severe attack from the conservative media because of what they perceive to be a hands-off approach.

Meyers’ response was, “It’s extremely frightening to see human people being turned into props like that,” and then he proceeded to ask Harris how she could decompress from the everyday strain that she gets from her profession. “It’s very disturbing to watch humans being made into props like that,” Meyers said.

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