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Pierre Poilievre Throws His Hat Into The Ring

Pierre Poilievre throws his hat Into the ring, triggered an all-out campaigning Saturday for leadership of the conservative party of Canada, but he also is running for PM of Canada, vowing to give back Canadians control over their lives if he becomes prime minister.

Candice Bergen Takes Over For Erin O’Toole until a new leader can be selected.

Poilievre, 42, is without a doubt a celebrity amongst the party’s grassroots when it comes to his energy, and excitement for thought/ideology.

As soon as he threw his hat into the ring he became the instant favorite in a battle whose standards have yet to be established since the position just emerged on Wednesday when MPs kicked out former leader Erin O’Toole.

Below is his Twitter intention speech.
CBC journalist falsely attacks Anaida Poilievre of nepotism, now Anaida  shares her story with Dahlia - 580 CFRA -

“My friend Pierre Poilievre has the brains, the backbone, and will make a great prime minister,” said former Conservative cabinet minister John Baird.

“I am beyond thrilled to endorse him!” he said.

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