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Milk as a Source of Immunization? Researchers Have Developed a Method

Researchers have discovered a novel method to immunize mice against the SARS-CoV-2 virus by injecting mRNA into cow’s milk. This method has been successful in protecting mice against the virus. As a result of this finding, concerns have been expressed regarding the possibility that commercial milk may be loaded with mRNA in order to vaccinate the population that has not been vaccinated.

The Scientific Experiment

Exosomes are microscopic packets that may be found in milk. Researchers found out that they could insert a modest amount of mRNA into these exosomes. Mice were given the milk, and after the animals digested it, the exosomes were taken up by the mice’s digestive systems. As a consequence of this, the mRNA made its way into the circulation and lymphatic tissue of the mice, which caused their bodies to produce antibodies against the spike protein produced by the virus.

Concerns Raise Both Moral and Practical Consequences

The researchers in China carried out a series of experiments, all of which was a tremendous achievement from a scientific point of view. Unfortunately, mRNA vaccinations have been linked to injuries, impairments, and even fatalities, which has prompted a number of significant ethical concerns. The possibility of mRNA technology being present in the food supply would be a reason for concern for the quarter of the US population that has not yet had a vaccination.

Specifically Aimed for Children

Children might be readily targeted with oral vaccination dosage, or they could acquire mRNA through milk at school lunches and other meals that are not overseen. People who have already received the COVID-19 vaccine and who then receive milk vaccines as a EUA offering would be able to load their bodies with even more synthetic mRNA, which is resistant to ribonucleases and may remain in the human body permanently. This would be possible because milk vaccines are a EUA offering.

Final Thoughts

Because of the experiment conducted by the Chinese researchers, the development of mRNA technology has entered a more negative phase, which may result in increased research as well as resistance to mRNA in our food supply. It is impossible to predict how this new phenomenon will influence the state of the globe, but it is reasonable to suppose that other harmful acts will be taken in the near future.

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