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Friends Who May Have Terrorist Tendencies

Terrorist Tendencies

The New Zealand National Intelligence Service published a bulletin titled “Know the Signs” with the intention of assisting people in recognizing and identifying members of their own families or close circles of friends who may have terrorist tendencies.

The authorities have been keeping an eye on forty to fifty individuals who they believe may be involved in terrorist activity. These individuals were originally motivated by “their white identity and their faith,” but over the course of the past six months, a third has emerged: those who are motivated by politics.

People who oppose political policies, such as mandated by law COVID inoculations and lockdowns, or other guidelines that intrude on rights and are “fueled by conspiracy theories,” could be considered terrorists. This includes individuals who disagree with political policies such as government-mandated COVID vaccines and lockdowns.

The ‘Know the Signs’ booklet was developed by the New Zealand Intelligence Agency to “assist us all in identifying potential terrorists within our midst.” If you see such behaviors in another individual, you are obligated to report them to either the police or even the (SIS).

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