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French Monks Try to Ignite 5G Antennas

Monks Try to Ignite 5G Towers

Two French Monks were apprehended by authorities last month after trying to ignite 5G antennas.

The two later alleged that they did this to protect the community from the dangerous effects of 5G.

On the evenings of September 15th and September 16th, 2 friars from St. Francis, the friary of the Franciscans in Villié-Morgon close to Lyon, France, were captured by law enforcement as they attempted to ignite several5G aerials close to the village of Ancy. Their names have not been released by the French press as of yet.

Both Males ages 39 and 40, these men did not resist apprehension and were put into police custody.

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These guys even tried to ignite one more aerial before being captured, this one close to the city of Saint-Forgeux, the night prior and, based on an onlooker, these boys managed to demolish the aerials’ electrical gauges, authorities say that both of these were eventually repaired.

Both monks showed up in front of a magistrate/judge and were prosecuted/charged for “vandalism and attempted arson”. said the district attorney, while confessing, the 2 men confided in the court that they acted to “shield – protect the community from hazardous side effects of 5G Technology.” Both men were put under administrative supervision while waiting for their sentence.

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Gilles Dubessy, the mayor of Saint-Forgeux, said that he found their acts as “strange”.

“It’s a little sad,” he said.

“Monks going after 5GTechnology like this is a common thing. I was amazed, considering the charm of this particular area, with a church next door. It’s a pity,” this guy said.

However, I personally have heard from many folks about the adverse effects of 5 G, some say that it is or will be connected to the AI, and well “The SHOTTT“.

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