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Foster Kid Force-Fed HIV Drugs Poisonous to Adults

Foster Kid Force-Fed HIV Drugs

Countless foster kids force-fed HIV drugs known to be hazardous to adults during experimentation authorized by Anthony Fauci.

Thousands of foster kids the majority of them Black, Hispanic, and poor, were force-fed HIV medications recognized as being poisonous to adults during drug studies permitted and even supervised by Anthony Fauci, based on Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s caustic new book being sold on Amazon.

As many as 14,000 infants & youngsters in 7 states were conscripted by Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, and even Genentech, then compelled/FORCED to get lethal antiretroviral medications for AIDS research study supervised by this TV doctor known as Dr. Fauci, who is the administrator of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). Note: Most of the children perished/DIED.

If those kids decline to take these experimental drugs and chemicals, they were held down and even force-fed.

If the youngsters continued to fight, they’re moved to Columbia Presbyterian medical facility, where a doctor places a plastic cylinder tube through their stomach wall right into their abdomens. After that, the pharmaceuticals or experimental drugs were administered straight into their intestinal tracts. “I’m sorry folks, this just made me sick to even think about this type of TORTURE”.

When it comes to kids under Fauci’s HIV program, it was literally a nightmare.

Let us NOT forget that Dr. Fauci supervised these kinds of savageries, teaming up with so-called scientists, and even winking at their loosened interpretations of ‘informed permission and ‘volunteering,'” Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s writes. “Rather than watching out for the best interests of our young children, Dr. Fauci offered criminal drug manufacturers unlimited freedom to torture defenseless kids behind closed doors, with no adult consent”.

America’s TV doctor” that related or compared himself as being “science” then pushed the nation along with the entire world right into COVID chaos, and COVID vaccination experimentation. He WILL have lots of questions to answer from the general public which has already placed a great deal trust in him, soon, real soon, his days are numbered.

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