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Farewell, Dear Friend

As we gather here today, To bid farewell to one we hold dear, We come with heavy hearts and sorrow, To remember and honor, A life that brought so much joy and love. A dear friend whose presence will be greatly missed, This poem is written in tribute to that friend, A reminder of the memories we shared, And the love that will forever be ingrained in our hearts.

In life, we shared our joys and tears,
Through laughter and through sorrows, dear.
But now it’s time for us to part,
And leave you to a peaceful heart.

We’ll miss your smile, your gentle touch,
The way you loved and cared so much.
But though you’re gone, you’ll always be,
A cherished friend and memory.

We’ll think of you in every place,
And see your face in every grace.
You’ll live within our hearts and mind,
Forever loved and never left behind.

So as we say goodbye for now,
Remember this, we’ll meet somehow.
Until then, dear friend, farewell,
And know that you’ll be loved so well.

By Chris Wick

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