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Find a Home for a Dog

After welcoming a furry friend named Cassie into my home, I can’t help but advocate for the joys of dog ownership. Cassie, who was previously living in a local animal sanctuary, quickly won me and my family over with her playful demeanor. While she required some initial training to adjust to her new environment, she has since become a well-behaved and loving companion. In this piece, I highlight the benefits of having a furry friend like Cassie and why more people should consider bringing a dog into their lives.

Cassie is now very happy in her new surroundings and shows this happiness in many forms. She is very loving and very loyal. I have two children and she really enjoys playing with them, especially ball type games, however has never become over aggressive with them. Some people state that a dog is a mans best friend and even though I possibly would not go that far, Cassie is somebody I enjoy spending a lot of time with.

Some individuals may avoid owning a dog due to the commitment of regular walks. However, I personally find joy in walking Cassie, as it allows me to relax, socialize, and stay active. During our walks, I bring a tennis ball for Cassie to catch, and she has improved her skills to catch it quickly. Seeing her happiness and wagging tail brings me great satisfaction.

During the evening after another one of her long walks, she settles down in the living room and cuddles up to go to sleep. Cassie is now another member of our family and I am sure that she feels this as she curls up for little snooze. She always looks so contented as she starts to dream, I often think that she would have probably have dreamt of living in such an environment when she was living in the animal sanctuary. I hope that her dreams have come true.

My family and I have found Cassie to be a wonderful companion, offering a listening ear and never responding with the kind of backtalk we’re used to from our children and spouse.

I would certainly recommend other people to give a dog a home. It may cost you some money in the way of dog food and may take up some of your time in the form of dog walking. This is a very small price to pay however for the rewards which the dog is likely to bring you.

Companionship, loyalty, happiness as well as the health benefits of exercise via the regular dog walking are just some of the reasons why I love owning Cassie.

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