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EU is Prepared if Russia Cuts off the Gas

Gentiloni said the EU is prepared in the event that Russia cuts off gas shipments.

Paolo Gentiloni, the European Union’s Economy Commissioner, stated that its European Union was “fully prepared” in case Russian gas deliveries were completely halted, thanks to the storage space and energy-saving measures that have been implemented.

He made these remarks to journalists on the fringes of an economic seminar that was held by the European House – Ambrosetti. “We are very well prepared to counter Russia’s severe use of its gas weapon,” he said.

He said, “We are not frightened of Putin’s decisions, and we’re urging the Russians to honor contracts; nevertheless if they do not, we were ready to react.” “We are not fearful of Putin’s actions.”

The Russian gas titan Gazprom announced on Friday that the Nord Stream pipeline, which links Russia and northern Germany and was scheduled to resume service on Saturday following disruptions for routine maintenance, would be “completely” stopped till a turbine is repaired. The service interruption was caused by maintenance operations.

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