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The Pandemic and Designer War

As of February 9, 2023, this video is the 321st one created by the narrator since the pandemic and designer war began, leading to a journey towards a “new abnormal” and the “Great Reset.”

The video claims to expose that the current war in Ukraine is the result of a plot initiated in 2014 when the US and the EU helped overthrow the democratically elected government in Ukraine. The US wanted a puppet regime on Russia’s doorstep as a launch pad for a planned NATO war with Russia.

The narrator argues that the current escalation of the war is due to the involvement of the Biden administration, which accelerated the design war between Russia and Ukraine, leading to a third world war. The video alleges that America, the EU, and the UK are deliberately pushing the world towards the first nuclear war. The video claims that Biden’s administration was not happy with the Nord Stream pipelines set up by Russia to transport cheap gas to Europe, as it allowed Russia to sell its own gas to Europe and prevented America from selling its own gas to Europe.

As part of the plan to reduce the global population, the video claims that Biden ordered the destruction of the pipelines by planting C4 explosive charges on the pipelines in June 2022. The US blamed Russia for the explosion, which raised fuel and food prices, leading to hundreds of millions of deaths in Asia and Africa. The video also argues that the UK, America, and Germany are supplying weapons to Ukraine, leading to a bleak future and possibly nuclear war.

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