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Divine Powers of Creation and Destruction

It has been suggested that the World Economic Forum (WEF) has acquired significant power and influence, to the point of having “divine powers” of “creation and destruction.”

Noah Yuval Harari, an associate of Klaus Schwab, the WEF’s founder, has also claimed that the organization intends to turn humans into gods. The WEF is reportedly hostile to Christianity and other major religions and has allegedly been working to undermine democracy by infiltrating governments and gaining influence on policy decisions.

Some believe that the WEF, through the efforts of Klaus Schwab, is attempting to shape the “transformation” of the world and admires the Chinese system of authoritarianism. It has been suggested that the WEF’s influence has contributed to the erosion of democracy in countries such as Canada and New Zealand.

According to French billionaire Philippe Argillier, there are 38 individuals who control the entire world and operate a “shadow government,” and he claims to have four databases that will reveal their identities. Argillier states that Bill Gates is among these 38 individuals, who are not elected but still influence the lives of 8 billion people. Argillier also alleges that the Biden administration takes orders from this shadow government.

Bill Gates, who has been accused of having a desire to play god, has recently made an announcement that may provide insight into the future under the alleged “shadow government.” Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has claimed that the World Health Organization, with the support of Gates and his belief in using technology like vaccines and genetically modified agriculture to “save” humanity, is engaging in global social and medical experimentation.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has accused Bill Gates, through his influence on organizations such as the World Health Organization and his control of certain US health officials, of being able to dictate global health policies that impact the lives of 7 billion people. Kennedy Jr. has also claimed that Gates recently suggested the implementation of “death panels” to determine who has the right to live and die, which is allegedly related to the global elite’s desire for depopulation.

These actions are said to be part of a larger effort by Gates and the World Economic Forum’s “shadow government” to bring about a Great Reset that promotes their “evil religion” as the new normal.

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