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America is now in the midst of a National Power Crisis

The economy of the United States is on the verge of collapse, and financial markets around the West are showing signs of silent panic. Mortgage-backed securities and United States Treasuries are both experiencing a decline in value as a result of rising interest rates.

The “vibes” of the market, which include feelings, emotions, beliefs, and psychological tendencies, indicate that a negative shift is occurring within the context of the US economy.

Both the United States’ economic potential and performance, as well as its military might, are important indicators of the country’s overall power. During a proxy war that Washington believes its Ukrainian surrogate is winning, the rising understanding that the military-industrial capability of the United States and Europe cannot keep up with Ukrainian requests for ammunition and equipment is an awful signal to convey.

It would appear that Russia’s use of economy of force in the southern part of Ukraine has been effective in bringing the attacking Ukrainian forces to a standstill with just a minimum loss of Russian men and resources. While Russia’s use of attrition warfare was extremely successful, the country also drew into its reserves of both troops and equipment to create a force that is considerably larger and far more dangerous than it was one year ago.

Watch Douglas MacGregor offer the most recent analysis on the war in Ukraine in the video that can be seen below: “There was no justification for starting this war. We had the ability to put a stop to it within the first week. “There was no excuse for any of this. Thus we are to blame for all that has happened. The United States of America is to blame for all that has happened.

Ukrainian forces who were trying to maintain control of the northern edge of the Donbas were turned into easy targets by Russia’s huge arsenal of artillery weapons, which included rockets, missiles, and drones that were connected to overhead monitoring platforms. One recent estimate is that between 150,000 and 200,000 Ukrainians have been killed in combat since the conflict began, while another believes that about 250,000 Ukrainians have lost their lives. It is unknown how many Ukrainian troops have died.

An unwelcome confrontation with Russia could quickly send hundreds of thousands of Russian Soldiers to the Polish border, which serves as NATO’s Eastern Boundary. This is because of the obvious vulnerability of the ground, air, and air defense assets that are maintained by NATO countries. Although the United States government did not guarantee this result to its European partners, it is now a distinct possibility.

In sharp contrast to the inept and ideologically motivated approach that the Soviet Union used in formulating and carrying out its foreign policy, modern Russia has deftly nurtured support for its cause in regions such as Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia. The fact that economic sanctions imposed by the West caused harm to economies in the United States and Europe while simultaneously elevating the Russian ruble to a position as one of the most powerful currencies in the international system has done little to improve Washington’s standing in the world.

The policy of Vice President Joe Biden, which consisted of forcibly pushing NATO closer to Russia’s borders, resulted in the formation of a strong commonality of security and trade interests between Moscow and Beijing, which is attracting strategic partners in South Asia, such as India, and partners in Latin America, such as Brazil. There will be significant worldwide economic repercussions for about 3.9 billion people who are members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) as a result of the emergence of a Russo-Chinese axis and the subsequent plan for an industrial revolution.

In conclusion, Washington’s military policy to weaken, isolate, or perhaps destroy Russia has been a monumental failure, and this failure has set Washington’s proxy conflict with Russia on a road that is extremely perilous. If you continue on your current course, unfazed by the rapid decline of Ukraine, you are ignoring three risks that are rapidly spreading: 1. Steadily high inflation and rising interest rates, both of which are warning signs of a weakening economy. (The insolvency of the first American bank since the year 2020 is a reminder of the precarious state of the United States finances.) 2. The risk to the peace and prosperity of European nations, which are already struggling to cope with the effects of many waves of unwelcome refugees and migrants. 3. The possibility of a conflict that spreads across Europe.

There is usually at least one opposing party inside a presidential government, and it is always putting pressure on the president to choose a certain course of action. Observers who are located on the outside rarely have enough information to determine with absolute confidence which party wields the most power. Yet, there are those working in the administration of Joe Biden who are looking for a way out of their engagement in Ukraine.

Even Secretary of State Antony Blinken, a rabid supporter of the proxy war with Moscow, acknowledges that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s demand that the West help him recapture Crimea is a red line for Putin that could lead to a dramatic escalation from Moscow. Zelensky has asked the West to assist Zelensky in recapturing Crimea.

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