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Controversy Erupts as German Shop Owner Criticized for Speaking Out Against Migrant-Related Looting

It is important to respect the laws and regulations of a country and to act in a responsible and ethical manner.

A shop owner in Germany has become the first victim of the radical new policy, after he was denounced as a “racist” by German officials for criticizing migrants who mass looted his store.

Grocery store manager Gatzke told Bild that all of the thieves who steal from his store are migrants.

According to a report from, there was an occurrence at the Edeka supermarket in Regensburg where a male individual took merchandise valued at EUR140 euros without paying, and in another instance, the store manager attempted to prevent thieves from stealing groceries valued at EUR300 euros.

“Inside the bag, Gatzke discovered a stash of spirits, including vodka and liqueurs. He wondered if the owners, who were Muslims, had intended to resell the alchol.”

“What do you need 10 sea bream and so many shrimp for? NObody steals that because they’re hungry,” he added.

According to Gatzke, the perpetrators are known to take shopping bags valued at EUR2.50 euros.

Yet, his grievances about the widespread looting led to accusations of being a “racist” and drew reproach from Ferat Koçak, a representative of The Left party in the Berlin House of Representatives.

Siding with the criminals, Koçak suggested that the migrants were “entitled” to steal becasue the government wasn’t giving them enough free money in welfare payments.

“Koçak believes that individuals receive what they rightfully deserve.”

“The main issue is that the authorities are struggling to cope with the large number of refugees, resulting in many not receiving the necessary funds for survival.”

The leftist demanded that more migrants immediately be given work permits “so that they can lead their lives independently.”

However, regular German citizens are increasingly rejecting Koçak’s opinion, as the country joins other major European nations in openly discussing the concept of re-migration.

Anti-mass migration party AfD has also rapidly increased its support base, despite attempts by the establishment to ban the party altogether in the name of “democracy”.

In the United Kingdom, supermarkets have begun stationing staff members at the exit to verify receipts against purchased items, a measure aimed at curbing rampant theft.

Another win for diversity!

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