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Controversial Dutch TV Show Features Naked Adults Talking About Transgenderism to Kids

A new TV show set to air in Holland is causing a stir for its controversial approach to educating children about transgenderism and body positivity. The show, called Simply Naked, features naked adults discussing sensitive topics with young children. But while the show’s producers say it’s designed to promote body positivity and teach children about diversity, critics argue that it goes too far and even borders on promoting pedophilia.

Format and Content of the Show

The format of Simply Naked involves naked adults answering questions from children about transgenderism and sex change surgery, among other sensitive topics. The show’s producers say that the format is intended to encourage body positivity and teach children that everyone’s body is different and imperfect.

Presenter Edson da Graca has defended the show, saying that its aim is to teach children about diversity and help them feel comfortable in their own bodies. However, the show’s explicit sexual nature has caused controversy in Holland, with many accusing the producers of sexualizing children and promoting pedophilia.

Reaction from the Public and Politicians

The show has not yet aired, but a trailer featuring adults taking their clothes off in the presence of young children has already been released by broadcaster NPO. The footage has prompted an outcry on social media, with many people calling for the show to be taken off the air.

MP Tunahan Kuzu from the Denk Party has urged his Twitter followers to write in to the broadcaster and demand that the program be canceled. FvD leader Thierry Baudet has also spoken out against the show, saying that it “comes close to promoting pedophilia.”

According to The Independent, a preview of the series shows varying reactions from children, with one child saying “this is not a show I need to see.” Despite the controversy, the show’s producers say that the children involved were aware of what was going to happen and could express their feelings at any time.

Similar Show in Denmark

Simply Naked is based on a similar show that aired in Denmark called Ultra smider tojet (Ultra strips down). The Danish show also received backlash at the time, but it went on to win a TV award in 2019.


While the idea behind Simply Naked may have been to educate children about diversity and body positivity, the show’s explicit content has caused controversy and sparked accusations of promoting pedophilia. While it remains to be seen whether the show will be canceled or not, it has already sparked a heated debate about the appropriateness of discussing such sensitive topics with young children in such an explicit manner.

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