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Combining a Banana with some Peaches

If you’re at a loss for what to eat for lunch, consider combining a banana with some peaches. You can eat a lot of them without worrying about gaining any significant weight, and you’ll still get all the nutrients you need. If you’re not so young and are attempting to monitor what you eat, it’s not horrible.

I don’t see why not. After all, the body is not the same as it was when you were sixteen, or even twenty-six when you were a veritable food-grinding machine.

If you’re not fortunate enough to be engaged in physical work, you don’t always have to consume delicious foods like cheeseburgers and Egusi/Melon soups with pounded yam.

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Unfortunately, my work is somewhat sedentary, so I can’t say the same. I like my work, but sometimes I wish it included some actual physical tasks — not so much that it would wear out my ankles, knees, and bones, but enough to break a sweat and keep the weight forever off. Like my nonagenarian pal, I’ll need them when I’m ninety. So, let’s put it aside for the time being.

The first thing you should know is that peaches and bananas go together like cement and water. Together, they’ll do what you need them to do: quell your hunger and satiate your appetite.

The best places to get fresh produce, such as peaches and bananas, are supermarkets like Big Y and Stop & Shop. Find a shop nearby where you can simply stock up on fresh fruit like peaches and bananas.

I had no idea that peaches could be so beneficial to one’s health until I started researching them for this post. There’s no need to convince you twice to put peaches on the menu.

One day, I was trying to find an alternative to almond almonds for my lunch. Since I have a sedentary lifestyle, I often skip lunch. I mostly just lounge about in a chair all day, getting up every now and again to stretch my arms before returning to my seat.

The argument is that I don’t put in a lot of effort and so don’t deserve a lot of nourishment. However, there were days when I felt hungry (not without some guilt) and drove to a local supermarket to get a sachet and 2 of almond almonds. As soon as I came back to the vehicle, I would tear open the little plastic bag and decant the nuts three or five at a time until I was done. Then I’d turn around and give a blow to the second group, exactly as I did the first. The combined calorie count of this little snack was 260, thanks to the two bags at a hefty 130 each.

Most of the time, I was able to put my hunger to rest and go about my day sitting on my stool, sometimes rising up to make a point while speaking with parents and children, and doing what little good I could to momentarily ease their physical or sometimes mental illnesses.

Please don’t take what I’m saying the wrong way. From one examination room to the next, across the small corridor to the refrigerator to choose a vaccination, or extending a hand to dig through the cabinetry for a needle, syringe, or gloves, is not uncommon for me.

No one in their right mind would characterize any of these pursuits as physical labor, therefore there’s no need to fuel up on a hearty meal like pounded yam, Garri, rice, goat meat, soup, French fries, hamburgers, or sandwiches. Because of this, I restricted myself to only almond almonds for lunch.

In the end, I decided on bananas and peaches as a suitable replacement for almond nuts that afternoon. It’s not like I’d never had a banana or a peach before, but I certainly never imagined they’d make a suitable substitute for the 260 calories I’d normally get from two packages of almonds. Since I witnessed my son, Jermane, eat a banana wedge and my daughter, Amy, eat a peach chunk, the fruits had been lurking in the back of my mind.

“Did you buy all those peaches?” When I spotted Amy enjoying a large peach, I decided to question her. “Yes, Dad, I’m sorry,” she finally said.

The next day for lunch, rather than buying two packages of almonds from the corner shop, I went to a “Stop and Shop” supermarket and picked out two nice but firm peaches as well as a bunch of 4 ripe, firm bananas.

I took the peaches back to my vehicle and cleaned them in a half-empty bottle of water that I discovered behind the seats. One peach went on a cleaned napkin on the front seat of the car while I held the other and checked it again for dents and soft patches, two things I find distasteful in fruit.

Finally content, I sank my teeth into the peach and sucked out its sweet, juicy flesh. What a delightfully crisp and slightly sour taste! The fruit’s skin had a velvety texture that made me want to hang on to it for longer, but my stomach was growling.

Peaches are healthy because they contain many essential nutrients. In my opinion, they don’t get the respect they should have within the family of fruits.

Since bananas are so widely consumed, I won’t bore you with the specifics, but I will state that I am quite particular about the ripeness of my bananas, like them neither too soft nor too firm, and always peeling them from the top. Similar to peaches, bananas are a good source of nutrients and antioxidants.

The banana was delicious, as always; I ended up eating two of the four. As soon as the feeling of hunger subsided, I was hit with a wave of post-gastronomic depression.

Maybe it’s the sugary foods that I’ve been eating too much of, something my grandmother always warned me against when I was a little lad. I had fled to her house in my hometown of Akokwa to avoid my parents’ watchful eye. My mom in particular used to come into my room all the time to see how I was doing, but all she really cared about was who I was hanging out with. My grandmother rarely bothered with any of it, instead serving me, her eighteen-year-old grandson, a bowl of bitter leaf soup made with dried fish.

How I long to see Grandma again. Apologies if I’ve wandered off topic; I just wanted you to get a sense of who I am and how I developed through time.

Because I’m that sort of person, I figured up how many calories and how much it would cost to buy two peaches & two bananas. About 70 calories may be found in a peach of the size I ate; a total of 140 can be found in two peaches. If a giant banana has 150 calories, then two would have 300. You can obtain roughly 440 calories from two giant peaches and two enormous bananas, and the total cost is just $2.

When compared to only two tiny packets of almond almonds, peaches and bananas provide much more satiety. Two peaches and 2 bananas might make a great lunch the next time you’re at a loss for what to eat. You will like them, I assure you of that. You may eat this guilt-free as a member of a weight-watchers group since it is healthful and has just approximately 500 calories.

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