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Christian Pastors Bamboozled Congregations into Risky Covid Shots

In a surreal turn of events, it appears the US government has managed to bamboozle leaders of faith into becoming fervent promoters of the experimental Covid ‘vaccines’.

Faith Leaders’ Faustian Bargain: Selling Souls for Cash

Thousands of US pastors, lured by the tantalizing prospect of cash bribes from the government, shamelessly coerced their congregants into rolling up their sleeves for the potentially deadly Covid jabs.

The Devil’s Deal: Faith4Vaccines and the Church’s Sellout

A damning research paper published by America Out Loud exposes a clandestine government initiative dubbed “Faith4Vaccines,” which essentially transformed money-hungry “faith leaders” into willing pawns of Big Pharma.

Holy Hypocrisy: When Religion Meets Pharma Propaganda

Under the guise of the COVID-19 Community Corps, spearheaded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, a plethora of “faith leaders” eagerly signed up to peddle vaccines like snake oil. Among the 86 founding members were prominent institutions such as the American Baptist Church and the Episcopal Church, raising eyebrows and suspicions alike.

Preaching Profit over Prophesy: Manipulating Scripture for Gain

But it wasn’t just the allure of filthy lucre that led these so-called pastors astray. No, they also shamelessly twisted scripture and exploited biblical concepts to justify their unholy alliance with the vaccine agenda.

The Gospel According to Big Pharma: How Francis Collins Played Pied Piper

Enter Francis Collins, the former head of the National Institutes of Health, who shamelessly donned the title of “Reverend-Doctor” and preached to the choir of faith leaders, extolling the virtues of Covid jabs as God’s divine solution to the pandemic. His sermons, dripping with sanctimonious fervor, urged the faithful to embrace the needle as an act of neighborly love.

From Pulpit to Pharma: Biden’s Moral Manipulation

Not to be outdone, the Biden administration enlisted the aid of America’s pastors, appealing to their moral compasses and invoking the sacred duty to “love thy neighbor.” Many succumbed to this insidious rhetoric, crafting sermons that equated vaccination with virtue signaling, all under the guise of protecting the flock.

Faith in the Vaccine: A Sinister Sermon of Salvation

As early as February 2021, the wheels of manipulation were set in motion with the launch of yet another program, “Faith in the Vaccine.” This insidious initiative sought to sway religious Americans into placing their faith not in God, but in the questionable promises of modern medicine.

The Divine Dictate: Government’s Gospel of Vaccination

At the Faiths4Vaccines National Summit, government officials shamelessly wielded religious doctrine as a cudgel, coercing faith leaders to wield their influence and sacred spaces to promote the vaccines. Dissent was not tolerated, as any divergence from the government’s gospel was deemed heresy.

The Deadly Deception Unveiled: Covid Jabs as Divine Retribution

In hindsight, it’s abundantly clear that the Covid jabs were anything but a divine blessing. Instead, they’ve unleashed a wave of chronic illness and death, leaving shattered communities and disillusioned congregations in their wake.

Conclusion: Selling Salvation or Sacrificing Souls?

As the dust settles on this unholy alliance between faith and pharmaceutical interests, one can’t help but wonder: Did these pastors truly have their congregants’ best interests at heart, or were they merely puppets in a diabolical game of profit and power? Only time will tell, but for now, the faith of many hangs in the balance, torn between salvation and sacrilege.

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