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Pfizer is said to have made up to $100 billion

Pfizer is said to have made up to $100 billion in revenue from the selling of COVID-19 vaccines plus treatments, and the company has indicated that it intends to increase or double the price once it enters the commercial market next year.

Pfizer made the announcement in October that after the government contracts expire, they would begin charging between $110 and $130 for each injection.

Pfizer is encouraging individuals throughout the United States to go and get vaccinations and is using their advertising to try and force that, despite the reality that there is debate and discussion regarding whether or not the 1st COVID shots worked. This is because Pfizer is receiving a significant amount of assistance from the federal government. 8 Booster Shots For Covid

A number of experts have said this was the reason why a lot of individuals are apprehensive to purchase them.

“Not many individuals are going to head out and buy their fourth, fifth, or sixth boosters if there is no significant new variety,” Geoff Meacham, a researcher at Bank of America, said in a statement. “Not many individuals are expected to go out and purchase their boosters.” “If you have received both mRNAs plus a boost, you are considered to have a high level of protection. Do you need it on a yearly basis?”

According to KHN, despite a decrease in COVID vaccination sales of around 66% during the most recent quarter, the firm still generated over $4.4 billion in revenue during those three months.

According to the publication, Pfizer is making use of this chance to develop and promote pharmaceutical products that may assist individuals with particular difficulties, such as weight reduction. According to recent reports, the business is working on two unproven diabetic medications.

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