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CEO of Pfizer Confronted with a Barrage of Questions

This is the moment when the CEO of Pfizer was confronted with a barrage of questions as he was leaving the annual conference held by the World Economic Forum in Davos.

On Wednesday, “citizen journalists” trailed Albert Bourla through the cold streets of Switzerland and questioned him about the COVID-19 vaccination. Bourla chose to keep mute during the questioning.

The CEO of Pfizer was questioned about how long he had known that the vaccine did not stop the spread of the disease and how much cash he had personally profited from the sale of the product.

After being subjected to what the two individuals who were interrogating him referred to as a “walking scrum” for a couple of minutes, Bourla hurriedly ascended a set of stairs as a member of his entourage instructed him to do so.

The two guys, who worked as reporters for the news organization known as Rebel News, called themselves “citizen journalists.”

“We are not a member of the media that is accredited here.” One of the two said, “We’re on the other side of the fence, so he’s just accustomed to the softball questions from CNN, MSNBC, and others like that.” In other words, he has never been inside the perimeter.

The video started off with one of the journalists, a Canadian named Ezra Levant, pointing out Mr. Bourla before commencing the interview with a kind greeting and the question: “Mr. Bourla, may I ask you?”

When did you first become aware that immunizations did not prevent the disease from being transmitted? How long have you been aware of it without publicizing that information?’

At that time, the CEO offered his one and only statement, which was simply, “Thank you very much.”

However, Levant continued to press the issue, saying, “We now know that the immunizations didn’t halt transmission, so why did you keep it secret?” – merely to be faced with complete and utter stillness.

The pharmaceutical company’s top executive was confronted with more sharp questions all of a sudden by an aggressive interviewer who emerged out of nowhere, which seemed to scare the group that he was with.

Is it time to make amends with the rest of the world?

Are you not embarrassed by the things you’ve done in the last several years?

Are you pleased with it?’ “Before accusing him of ‘criminal activity,’ asked the interviewer who was crueler than the others.

This comes after it was discovered that the CEO of Pfizer personally received $50 million in remuneration throughout the years 2021 and 2022 and that the company’s revenue had quadrupled to more than $100 billion since 2019.

He poked fun at her by asking, “How many boosters would it take for you to be pleased with your earnings?”

Pfizer’s current CEO, Albert Bourla, is a veterinarian who was born in Greece and raised in the United States. He has been with the firm since 1993 and assumed the role of CEO in 2019. He was awarded a pay package from Pfizer in the amount of $21 million in 2020 and is often featured on CNBC and in The New York Times.

Pfizer’s Chief Financial Officer David Denton made the following statement to investors in the preceding calendar year: “I think if you look out longer term, the franchise is going to be a multibillion-dollar franchise in the respect that this is going to be somewhat like the flu, sustained flu, but actually more deadly than the flu.”

He added, “I believe the products, both from a vaccination and the therapeutic standpoint that Pfizer has created, are going to be fairly significant for many years to come.” He was referring to Pfizer has developed both a vaccine and a therapy.

Bourla echoed this sentiment when he spoke to investors in November of the previous year and said the following: “With regard to our COVID-19 products, while their sales may fall from our expected 2022 levels of approximately combined $55 billion, we believe our COVID-19 franchises will remain multibillion-dollar revenue generators for the foreseeable future which should serve as a buffer for any unforeseen challenges with other products in our portfolio.”

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