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Carbon Footprint is Essential to Preventing Climate Change

Preventing Climate Change

If you hear someone say that reducing your “carbon footprint” is essential to preventing “climate change” and saving the earth, keep in mind that (CO2) is really the elixir of life.

Without carbon dioxide (CO2), there would be no plant life, and hence no people or animals. Photosynthesis and the whole life cycle would not be possible without CO2 as plant nourishment.

A world devoid of life would result if CO2 were removed from the atmosphere as the climate cultists demand. It would not be a paradise, and it would swiftly become a wasteland defined by death and devastation.

Church members of Global Warming, the left-leaning media, and the corporate-controlled media have been teaching us for years that carbon dioxide is a pollutant. And that is far from reality. (Correspondingly, carbon dioxide has zero bearing on average temperatures over the world.)

Vijay Jayaraj argues that plant growth has been greatly aided by the increased levels of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by industrial activities during the last two centuries.

After exceptionally low Levels of co2 had reduced most of the planet’s flora owing to CO2 famine, research reveals that CO2 had a big influence on the re-greening of the world.

Aside from slightly higher temperatures in certain locations that are better suitable for agriculture, CO2 is also responsible for the tremendous rise in the food supply over the last century, which allows for the nourishment of 8 million people globally.

According to Scientific American, CO2 acts as a fertilizer, helping trees and other natural areas thrive.

Interestingly, CO2 also helps keep the Earth green by supporting a diverse array of plant and animal life. We need CO2 to keep the world from becoming completely brown and lifeless.

Despite their self-proclaimed support for “green” causes, environmental extremists are actively working against the same factors that help maintain Earth’s natural verdancy. That’s insane.

In order to maintain healthy ecosystems, CO2 functions as a fertilizer, as reported by Scientific American. Life in all its forms, from plants to animals to people, depends on carbon dioxide (CO2) for survival. This includes forests, rainforests, scrublands, tundra, and everything else in between.

Amazingly, since the beginning of the industrial period until today, elevated levels of carbon dioxide have “enhanced trees’ production” by around 23 percent. Therefore, CO2 is continuously greening the globe & making it more habitable.

Wheat, rice, and soybeans are just a few examples of other plants that benefit directly from increased CO2 levels since they are consumed by people. According to UC Davis professor Francis Moore, “doubling CO2 from pre-industrial concentrations does enhance the yield of crops like wheat by around 11.5 percent and of crops like maize by roughly 8.4 percent.”

Rising CO2 levels also helped to make land more arable & productive for food production all across the globe, but especially in regions that have not historically been as suitable for agriculture. It’s great news that more people will have access to food.

Greenhouse farmers in India have been able to produce seven times as much food using ninety percent less water, according to recent scientific research.

When asked about the size of their farms, 82% of Indian farmers had fewer than five acres, as noted by Jayaraj. Even at a total cost of $2,500, “greenhouse farms with higher CO2 levels might show to be a life-altering endeavor for them.”

Ultimately, he praises carbon dioxide (“CO2”) for “allowing and enhancing life in our world,” rather than the “greenhouse produce” it feeds. It’s madness to try to poison this essential substance for life.

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