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Can I Prevent Repercussions of Declining the Shot

What Are The Repercussions of Declining the Shot

In this short article, I’m going through a number of new terminology regarding the repercussions of declining the shot or COVID vaccination.

I have revealed “an unbelievable breakthrough”: there really is a legitimate method to decline the vaccination. “It’s nevertheless experimental,” even after the FDA recently endorsed it, however, within federal government regulation, an individual has the RIGHT to reject an experimental medical treatment.

Therefore … take a breath, deep breath… let it out, take one step back, and take into consideration the info below:

Ever since the COVID injections were introduced, a man or woman has had the ability to reject all of them and had the ability to turn them down at will…

Keep in mind that ” Mandate” signifies or simply means: If you decline, you pay the price.

Repercussions. You’re terminated from your work. You can not go into a number of dining establishments. And so forth.

Soon after the Aug, 23rd FDA endorsement/approval regarding the Pfizer shot, absolutely NOTHING has changed. Anyone can easily reject the shot, however, you bring those nasty repercussions.

Even the Military (up until now), can not hold you down and push the needle into you. These guys place you inside a cell, then release you dishonorably, they court-martial anyone; no matter what.

Maybe a legal representative is able to dispute that the repercussions of declining the shot are deplorable, far too extreme, are identical to “forcing the shot,” still, this is a different problem.

People still have a clear pathway to rejecting the shot. This pathway has consistently or ALWAYS been present (with maybe the exemption of penitentiaries and assisted living homes and even healthcare facilities where many individuals were forced to take the shot unlawfully).

People are coping with repercussions of declining the shot or COVID vaccination

I’ve recommended methods like getting companies involved by asking in-depth questions regarding personal finances and even judicial obligation with regard to vaccination injuries.

Still, the bottom line is the person declining the shot, YES, NO Matter What…

In my past write-ups regarding injections, outlining how they are harmful, damaging, inefficient, as well as unwarranted, my objective has been to bring folks closer to taking or making their very own stand.

That is what it’s all about.

It’s a test of belief, principle, guts.

Will you decline the injection regardless of what?

Believe me, I support all kinds of legitimate lawsuit filings and even challenges to vaccination mandates. I do not care how slim the possibilities of success are.

Still, in the long run, every single person needs to make a decision on what he or she is going to accept as well as what he or she is going to turn down.

Regardless of what the repercussions are.

We are the remedy. This is the battle.

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  1. Government has stated it’s still going ahead with vaccine passports

    It’s now accepted that the vaccinated can still catch and transmit Covid which renders passports ineffective and pointless

    Vaccine passports pose an existential threat to our society. They should be resisted.

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