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Let’s start with the World Health Organization report on the total number of global COVID deaths, as of late October this year:

Globally, as of 5:43 pm CEST, 28 October 2022, there have been 626,337,158 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 6,566,610 deaths, reported to WHO.

Agreed? We can approximate that figure to 6.6 million fatalities.

Global Pneumonia Mortality Report: A Focus on NON-COVID Cases, According to Our World in Data

2.5 million people died from pneumonia in 2019.

The first number, the total of COVID deaths, from the World Health Organization, takes in a period of two years plus about 10 months. To be generous, I’ll cut that down to two years and eight months. Two and two-thirds years.

So– if you take the pneumonia death number for ONE year, and multiply it by two and two-thirds years, what do you get?

I calculate a total of 6.66 million fatalities, specifically attributed to pneumonia and not related to COVID-19.

Almost exactly the total number of official COVID deaths.


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