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Biden’s Treasury Department has made a new push to justify more aid by claiming there has been no abuse of American funds in Ukraine

push to justify more aid by claiming there has been no abuse of American funds in Ukraine

The current administration came to power centered on the false narrative that Joe Biden managed to win the elections, gaining upwards of 80 million votes with such a faulty mind & campaigning from his basement, and the lies continue to emanate from the administration on a regular basis to legitimate ongoing bad policies.

One of them is giving billions of dollars in aid to Ukraine, which, prior to Russia’s invasion of the country about a year ago, was considered to be one of the most crooked nations in Europe, if not the most dishonest country in Europe. This, combined with the fact that Joe and Hunter Biden were ‘doing business’ there, explains why the Bidens were there. ( Related: The WAR AGAINST RUSSIA waged by NATO is becoming CLOSER TO DIRECT CONFLICT )

Now, the regime’s Treasury is claiming, without any justifiable reason, that all of the money, military aid given to Ukraine compliments of U.S. taxpayers, is still being misused or “misappropriated” (stolen), despite the fact that recent reports coming out exposing the propaganda and lies.

According to an article published by Reuters:

On Tuesday, the United States Department of the Treasury stated that it had no inkling that funds belonging to the United States had been misappropriated in Ukraine, but that it would continue to cooperate tightly with Ukrainian officials to ensure that appropriate checks and balances were in place to prevent corruption.

It was the first remark made by the Treasury on the matter after the government of Ukraine fired a large number of top officials in what has been described as the most significant political shake-up in the nation since the war began due to suspicions of corruption.

In answer to a question posed by the newswire service, a spokesman for the Treasury Department named Megan Apper stated that “we have no information that U.S. money has been misappropriated in Ukraine.” “We applaud the continued efforts of the Ukrainian government to collaborate with us to make sure that sufficient protections are in place so that U.S. aid reaches people for whom it was intended,” the United States government has stated.

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