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The WEF’s Global Influence: Infiltrating Governments, Impacts on Sustainable Communities, and Resistance in Maui

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has expanded its influence globally, including in the United States, by infiltrating governments and local authorities. Led by KLaus Schwab, the WEF strategically placed its “Young Global Leaders” in major Western nations’ cabinets and is actively involved in city initiatives like the C40 Leadership Group, focusing on combating climate change and urban sustainability.

In Maui, Hawaii, a smart city project led by Japanese stakeholders showcases advanced environmental and energy technologies aimed at creating sustainable communities.

The Environmental Protection Agency is in the process of cleaning up after fire damage in Hawaii, with ongoing efforts to remove hazardous materials from affected areas.

Plans for high-rise constructions in historically significant areas of Maui face resistance, challenging globalist agendas. Maui’s transformation into a “smart city” is seen as a potential model for implementing the WEF’s C40 Cities on a larger scale.

Several major U.S. cities are aligned with the WEF’s goals through the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, committing to banning meat, dairy, and private cars by 2030 to meet environmental objectives.

In Phoenix, Mayor Kate Gallego is actively enforcing globalist agendas, aiming to ban meat and and dairy consumption, promote sustainable food policies, and discourage carnivorous diets. The WEF’s push for insect-based foods over traditional meat products is also highlighted.

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