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Bend the Masses to the Will of a Few

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars was a document dated May 1979, discovered (or recovered) seven years later in a used IBM copier. It was a training manual for someone’s use intended to bend the masses to the will of a few, manipulating perceptions and thoughts, making people believe that they reason and choose freely.

Authentic or not, its contents are disconcerting for truth and topicality. The strategies illustrated are real projectiles of a long-term war waged by oligarchic groups of power against the rest of humanity. The document openly says that the vast majority will not understand or even intuit the existence of such psychosocial weapons, tools of a global social engineering operation of which the Great Reset and the pandemic are the most recent stages.


Since the deployment of silent weapons is gradual, the population adapts by accepting the consequences until the next step, in a web that progressively immobilizes. Silent weapons are biological in the sense that they affect vitality, free will, freedom. The document speaks of mass distraction, in particular of the need to divert public attention by generating conflict on divisive issues of no real importance.

Yes They continue to Bend the Masses to the Will of a Few

Television is a primary tool; then comes education, organized to keep generations ignorant of the most relevant issues; the communication; the technological devices (apps, chats, new media, pornography available without any filter or censorship) that weaken human relationships, creating a lonely crowd, incapable of reaction.

Every single element of the “quiet” manipulation, the authors explained, must be controlled by computer devices capable of collecting, processing, crossing data whose goal is to know, predict, and therefore determine the propensities, the life of each one. A literary strand has undertaken to reveal the danger, to warn against the manipulation taking place. Over time, works of great suggestion have emerged which, however, have not convinced readers. Dystopian literature, the upside-down utopia, a fantasy that will never become reality: this is what the majority thinks.

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It is the great capacity of a formidable power: to make believe that it does not exist, that the decisions, ideas, dominant values ​​spring – as if by magic – from the will of the peoples, rather than from a constant work of building manipulable humanity, fluid, plasticine in the hands of less and less hidden artists. Charles Baudelaire argued that Satan’s greatest achievement is to have convinced humanity of his nonexistence. Equally, most of us do not realize that we are a puppet manipulated by virtual threads, but very strong. The others, the rebels, are viewed with pity: conspiracy theorists, paranoid, deranged.

The good – or the bad – is that everything, or almost everything, happens before our eyes, trained not to see. So we try, with a desperate effort, to keep critical thinking open and alert, in a historical phase that Martin Heidegger called the night of the world. Sentinels of a recovery that we will not see – but that will come – we do not renounce to express ourselves, to tell the truth. The phase is that of becoming aware, of studying the enemy, of revealing his techniques and his deceptions, of individual reflection. The rebel is not a contrary Bastian, but someone animated by a precise system of principles who has identified friend and enemy in his inner forum, and from this begins the journey. Tomorrow will belong to us only if we know how to fight, if, as a political anthem urged, “man begins to fight”.

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Very significant, in this regard, is the analysis of the work of some greats of the past, remote and recent, from Plato, the first theorist of the Republic of the Optimates – the “best” – to giants of literature such as Fjodor Dostoevskij. Then, on a very different level, Vance Packard, a scholar of occult persuasion, and Aldous Huxley, a very multifaceted personality, straddling literature, social science, and oligarchy, an English writer, scion of one of the most powerful families in the United Kingdom, himself a member of private circles.

His most famous work is Il Mondo Nuovo, from 1932. The book anticipates themes such as the development of the technologies of human reproduction, eugenics, mind control, drawing with apparent cynical detachment a society in which man lives a dramatic limbo existential. The original title,  Brave new world, contains esoteric messages. It is a quote from Shakespeare’s Tempest, an extreme and hermetic work of the bard. Miranda pronounces the sentence: Oh marvel! How beautiful mankind is! Oh, wonderful new world (brave new world).

The book is set in the Ford year 632. The new dating starts from the “old” 1908, when the Ford industry began producing the Model T car, mass-produced using the assembly line method. In the novel, the serial man is born, the product of the workshop of immense and planetary power. In the wonderful New World the past is removed: the population only knows that it was a time of terrible barbarism. Only the “Governors” know the truth. The symbol of the New World is the letter T, which replaced the cross of Christianity. Mass production is applied to human reproduction, unrelated to sex: embryos are made and developed in factories according to quotas set by the Governors.

There are no more family ties. Sexual drives are encouraged from an early age in conditions of total promiscuity, to avoid the development of emotions and feelings of attachment. Love is banned. “Everyone belongs to everyone else”, is the basic principle. “Natural” births are discouraged. The practices of contraception are taught to children in schools and there are no longer surnames, a symbol of belonging and continuity. Everyone can choose their favorite name. Human beings are divided into castes through the prenatal oxygen dosage, in order to influence physical and intellectual development. The lower castes are made up of identical twins, obtained by fragmentation of the embryos.

The hypnotic repetition of slogans for the purpose of conditioning, a term that replaces the ancient “education”, has been common practice since childhood. The aim is that everyone loves the destiny assigned to (industrial) conception. To overcome unhappiness, everyone is given a drug, Soma, a euphoric and antidepressant drug that guarantees complete control of the population. In the post-Vedic Indian tradition, Soma is the name of a “medicinal” deity, derived from the homonymous plant from which an intoxicating juice offered to the gods was extracted. Tradition scholars like Evola and Guénon speak of it.

The post-humanity of the New World obtained with artificial techniques is free from worries, technologically advanced, knows no poverty and war, apparently happy thanks to the dependence on Soma. However, family, love, diversity, art, religion, literature, philosophy, and science no longer exist. The excellent New World is perceived as the only possible world. The inhabitants know that in the past humans were viviparous, that there were natural births and parents, but the related concepts are taboo. The words father and mother have become insults. The general mentality is gregarious and conformist; it is normal to have a totally promiscuous sexual life from an early age, to ward off negative thoughts with soma (lethal if taken in large doses); being compulsive consumers. It is unacceptable to have moments of private solitude, to be monogamous, and not to take Soma. It is forbidden to express critical opinions.

Did Huxley, a member of elite circles, reveal the future we are destined for as an insider of the oligarchy? The prophetic analogy with the society of this crazy beginning of the millennium is impressive. In the New World we already see politically correct, drug addiction, conditioning, and surveillance, herding, depersonalization, the culture of cancellation, freedom seen as a danger, the abolition of critical thinking, the prohibition of autonomy, sexuality reduced to playful mechanics, detached from procreation, but also it’s opposite: artificial reproduction to which sex is foreign. And then the programmed ignorance, the prohibition of knowing the past; an a-historical and substantially a-human world.

It really looks like the fate of present and future generations. The specificity of Huxley is that in 1958, more than twenty-five years after the first, very successful novel, he seems to retrace his steps, with a very significant work, unfortunately much less known: Return to the New World. The author traces a sort of balance of humanity reset, reconfigured, reformatted, between fantasy and reality, in the light of the long, decisive quarter-century that separates the two works. Reality – Huxley suggests – is rapidly turning into literary fiction. Return to the new world is a text steeped in pessimism, pervaded by urgency, almost by a sense of guilt for the totalitarian drift recognized by the privileged observatory of belonging, by family tradition, to the Anglo-Saxon oligarchy.

A consideration summarizes the entire reflection: “alas, we have forgotten the fate of the turkey. Give man abundant and regular bread three times a day, and in very many cases he will be delighted to live on bread alone, or at least on bread and circuses alone  “. The themes of the silent war of the Governors against the rest of the world are shocking: overpopulation, the medicalization of life, centralization of power; increase in social complexity in relation to the technological advance; impersonality and bureaucratization; propaganda and marketing techniques applied to the whole life; addiction to synthetic drugs as a collective control tool; subliminal persuasion; compulsive conduct; psychological manipulation up to the use of hypnotic forms of conditioning. A whole that becomes dehumanization, an existence no longer worth living.

The Soma of the New World resembles the pandemic vaccine: not therapy, but a weird body religion officiated by the globalist Antichrist. Hence the hunt for heretics, which is reaching paroxysmal tones. Speaking of state drugs, Huxley wrote: “This kind of drug addiction was not a personal vice, but a political institution, the very essence of Life, Freedom and the Pursuit of Happiness guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. But that inalienable privilege of the subjects, precious of all, was at the same time one of the most powerful tools in the dictator’s arsenal. Systematic intoxication, for the good of the state (and, incidentally, for personal pleasure) was an essential element of the World Administrators plan “.

” Karl Marx declared that religion was the opium of the people, but in the New World the situation was reversed: opium, Soma, was the religion of the people. Like religion, it had the power to console and compensate, it gave birth to visions of another world, more beautiful, it gave hope, sustained faith and encouraged charity “. How much opium is consciously scattered in the sad Real World, and how much lies. For Guy Debord, the truth, in the society-spectacle, is only a moment of the false.

In contemporary counter religion, everything is controlled through the possession of souls, facilitated by the computer, the smartphone, the omnipresent cameras. Everything is under control and democracy itself – the maximum totem of liberal progressivism – is a luxury that we cannot afford. Huxley is categorical. “Uncontrollable impersonal forces seem to push everyone in the direction of the nightmare I anticipated, and that dehumanized impulse is knowingly accelerated by representatives of commercial and political organizations who have developed new techniques to manipulate, in the interest of some minority, thoughts and the feelings of the masses “.

The operation epidemic, the Virus Archipelago into which we have fallen, creates an infinite emergency, “a state of continuous crisis [which] justifies the continuous control of everything and everyone by the agents of the Governors. “The word governance, imposed in place of government, takes on sinister meanings. The Dominion concentrates everything in its hands and behind the mask of the Market – the demiurge and measure of all things – the monopoly advances. Of things, of property, of influence: the gap widens between an overcrowded, omnipotent minority and all the others. It is the New World: “The little ones are gravely disadvantaged: the big ones have devoured them. As the little ones disappear, economic power is concentrated in fewer and fewer hands. In a dictatorship, Big Business, made possible by constant technical progress and the ruin of Small Business, are under the control of the State, that is, of a small group of political leaders and soldiers and policemen who carry out their orders “.

The New World of Huxley is the photograph of oligarchic liberalism, with the only variant that in the present it has directly assumed power. Governors are the masters of money and technology, masters of everything. The state – what remains of it – survives as a repressive apparatus and scapegoat for unlikely rebellions.

The crowd does not understand it and perhaps it will never get there: it is limited to watching television and denouncing the heretics, the non-compliant, the refusal to consent, today those resistant to the magical sting that gives the magical green pass. Huxley, well informed of the intentions of the elites, discovers with horror that the dystopia is taking place in lightning speed. The integrally organized society, the caste system, the abolition of free will through programmed conditioning, the servitude made tolerable by regular doses of chemical happiness, the orthodox dogmas embedded in the brain even during sleep, are not a future ghost, but daily bread.

The prophecies of the New World come true well before their author imagined. The silent weapons of the “quiet” war against the vast majority of humanity win. The desire for freedom is in decline, man is a mass-produced industrial product. The diagnosis is dismayed, the prognosis is severe. Only a dry, rational analysis can provide ammunition for the counter-offensive. (I-continued)


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