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The Truth about Government Geoengineering: Mainstream Media Confirms Weather Manipulation

Alternate forms of media have been reporting on this topic for many years, but it wasn’t until recently that the mainstream media acknowledged its existence. According to a recent documentary that was shown on ABC News, governments all over the world are deploying top-secret geoengineering technologies in order to surreptitiously manipulate the weather.

Many people in the United States have taken notice of the story that aired on ABC News because it advocates for the use of cloud seeding, a method of influencing the weather that has the potential to rescue regions like the Colorado River, which is presently experiencing a drought. The investigation has also thrown light on 42 cloud-seeding operations that are now running across the American West. These projects involve the use of aircraft equipped with flares that fly into storm clouds and release small particles such as silver iodide into them.

Ginger Zee, the Chief Meteorologist for ABC News, disclosed that research conducted since the 1940s has demonstrated that spraying does not have any negative consequences on the environment or health. In addition, she made the argument that activities such as cloud-seeding are not much different from the construction of buildings and parking lots, which have been known to influence the weather for a long time.

Researchers, on the other hand, are utilizing artificial intelligence to train and operate drones that seed clouds. Despite the fact that many people continue to fear the long-term repercussions of altering the weather, ABC has told its viewers that studies have demonstrated cloud-seeding operations have not had a harmful influence on the environment.

The media’s admission of the usage of geoengineering technology has spurred disputes over whether or not recent extreme weather occurrences are the result of weather modification. It is claimed that the 42 cloud-seeding operations and other weather manipulation tactics are more responsible than global warming for the recent increase in the frequency and severity of extreme weather occurrences.

The political establishment is chiding the general population for using plastic straws and gasoline automobiles while at the same time continuing to manage the weather without complete knowledge of how this may harm the environment.

The fact that the mainstream media has admitted to something that many people have referred to as a conspiracy theory has created widespread ridicule among internet users and is a funny phenomenon.

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