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Barack Obama is trying to boost Dem Party to win midterms

Barack Obama

Barack Obama is trying to boost Dem Party to win midterms and retain the White House.

Obama is much more popular today, and Biden fears a November setback.

Obama will visit Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Pennsylvania starting Friday.

The agenda includes rallies with federal and state Democratic candidates as Biden & his party strive to fend off a robust Republican campaign to upend the Democrats’ slim House and Senate majority and seize crucial governorships before the 2024 presidential race.

Republican candidates are gaining ground in four Senate contests. Michigan’s governorship is competitive.

Georgia & Nevada are the GOP’s top Senate objectives.

Republicans are predicted to capture the House. Holding both houses would allow them to oppose Biden’s agenda, nominations, and administration probes.

Obama is the party’s closer in the closing days of campaigning before the November 8th election, with Biden’s favorable rating at 39 percent.

He’s a stronger ambassador for swing-state Dems than Biden because he’s more popular – particularly in vulnerable areas – and less attached to current concerns, an election expert told Reuters. “He’s a better campaigner.”

Biden’s poor popularity ratings are an albatross for Dems like Senator Raphael Warnock and Catherine Cortez Masto. Even at a time of partisan polarization and economic instability, party strategists recognize Obama’s reach.

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