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Iceland Halts Covid Vaccine Distribution Amidst Surge in Fatalities and Injuries: A Mysterious Trend Unfolds

Iceland’s government has decided to immediately halt the distribution of Covid-19 vaccines due to a significant increase in fatalities and injuries linked to the vaccines, as the country’s public health system struggles to cope with the situation.

The government announced the news in an announcement in the Icelandic daily newspaper Morgunbladid last week.

ACcording to the government announcement, the Covid-19 virus is now “just like any other flu” and following the spate of sudden deaths and injuries, citizens will no longer be able to receive Covid vaccinations.

According to the government’s latest update, the health center will offer influenza vaccinations starting next week, but unfortunately, Covid vaccinations will not be available at this time.

Iceland, along with other countries that have implemented widespread vaccination programs, is currently facing a mysterious surge in sudden deaths that can not be attributed to any known cause, according to recent reports. This unexpected increase in mortality has been labelled as “excess mortality” and has sparked concerns among health professionals and the general public. Despite efforts by officials to investigate the issue, the root cause of these unexplained deaths remains a puzzle.

The chart exhibits the correlation between the increase in deaths in Iceland and the implementation of the vaccine, rather than occurring during the pandemic itself.

Iceland has taken the initiative to address the issue of unexpected fatalities and implement measures to prevent them.

Concerns have been raised by whistleblowers in various countries, such as the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and the United States, who have been actively bringing attention to this pressing matter.

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