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Are There Illegal Biolabs in Ukraine?

Russia said it will show evidence that the Pentagon, United States Department of Defense is undoubtedly managing illegal Biolabs inside Ukraine.

The Russians openly called out Hunter Biden, George Soros, the CDC, and many others that were presumably associated with the bio lab program. The laboratories were supposedly researching hazardous contaminants and looked for more powerful anthrax strains using old animal burial grounds.

Hunter Biden’s Rosemont Seneca investment company is connected to United States armed forces contractors Metabiota as well as Black and Veach.

Russia has recently implicated the USA numerous times in attempting to produce bioweapons aimed at Russians on a genetic level, now they are looking for an explanation from the US.

Russians ask for a worldwide inquiry or inquiry into The United States’s Biolabs both domestic and international, and for the United States to shed light on the purposes of these facilities.

US 'afraid' Biological Labs In Ukraine Will Go Into Russian Experts' Hands:  Moscow's Envoy
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