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Are China’s Gene-Edited Super Soldiers the Future of Warfare?

China has taken a significant stride in genetic engineering, introducing the world to a remarkable creation—the first-ever gene-edited race of super soldiers. This astonishing feat, championed by the Communist regime, claims to have produced soldiers that are utterly impervious to destruction.

Investigative journalist Nathan Su, speaking on a recent episode of the “Thrivetime Show” with Clay Clark, voiced his concerns regarding this development. “It’s been happening for a long time. They are trying to create all these super soldiers. It’s just inhumane. Those stories have been there for a long time,” Su expressed. He further emphasized the need for Americans to awaken and consider the implications this may have on the lives of their children and grandchildren.

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Addressing these concerns, a report by cited a December 2021 Fox News segment revealing that “U.S. intelligence shows China is using these advanced technologies to empower its battle forces for worldwide dominion.” Additionally, Clark referred to an article that highlighted China-sponsored hackers’ surveillance activities on critical U.S. infrastructure, as confirmed by the intelligence alliance Five Eyes and tech giant Microsoft. Although Chinese hackers have been known to target Western nations, this particular operation was deemed one of the most extensive cyber espionage campaigns against vital U.S. infrastructure.

The United States, along with international cybersecurity authorities, released a joint Cybersecurity Advisory (CSA) addressing this issue. The statement, supported by authorities from the U.S., the U.K., Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, identified a state-sponsored Chinese cyber actor referred to as ‘Volt Typhoon.’ The advisory revealed that Volt Typhoon has been operational since mid-2021, with its primary focus on targeting critical infrastructure in Guam, a vital U.S. military outpost in the Pacific Ocean. Microsoft further cautioned that the observed behavior suggests the threat actor intends to engage in undetected espionage and maintain prolonged access.

Su argues that the U.S. is unable to sever ties with China due to its significant role as a leading manufacturer of weapons. “We’re still sending billions of dollars to invest in China to help the regime. Mainly, because China is the manufacturer of the war. So, we’re not able to immediately decouple from them because so much of the supply chain is controlled by China,” Su explained.

Another crucial point highlighted by Su is the dependency on China in the corporate sector. The U.S. finds it challenging to discontinue business relationships with the communist nation because major corporations such as Apple, Nike, and others have substantial investments in China. “As much as they are American, you can call them Chinese companies. We have a capitalist market,” Su affirmed. Clark concurred, stating, “It’s pretty tough to find a basketball shoe not made in China at this point.”

Black Market Trade: Trading Prisoners’ Organs in China During the show, Su drew attention to the world’s reliance on China for organ harvesting and medical tourism. He exposed the Chinese Communist regime’s practice of executing prisoners and then selling their organs to wealthy individuals, high-ranking government officials, and predominantly foreigners. Su referenced a 2006 report by the late David Kilgour, an international human rights lawyer, which unveiled the existence of a vast storage facility for harvested organs during that time. He further connected this revelation to the secret “transplant tour” that occurred in neighboring countries from 2004 to 2010.

Su shed light on this nefarious practice, explaining, “If you go to Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea, they actually have a specialized travel agency to arrange that organ transplant tour. You go to China to arrange for your families, and they all go there together. In two weeks, they will give you transplants like livers, hearts, lungs, kidneys, and many others.”

In Conclusion, China’s recent unveiling of gene-edited super soldiers has sparked global concerns over the ethical implications of such advancements. The United States, along with its allies, acknowledges the use of cutting-edge technologies by China to enhance its military capabilities. The challenge lies in the interdependency between nations, especially in terms of the manufacturing sector and the presence of major corporations heavily invested in China. Furthermore, the dark underbelly of China’s organ trade reveals the disturbing reality of prisoners being exploited for their body parts.

As the world grapples with these intricate issues, it becomes crucial to foster open dialogue, ethical considerations, and international cooperation to ensure a balanced and humane approach to scientific advancements and geopolitical relations.

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